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    Mustang owners are easily offended, and don't take jokes well. Plus I found alot of them cocky. I was the reason dad got rid of his.. Car seats don't fit well in the back. Would I taken it if he still has it. Probably, would I buy one, no.

    Out of all his cars, he talked about his 70 Nova SS the most. Not the Porsche 944, not the 78 Z28, Not the Fox Body. Got a buddy, even if I tell him I don't care. He talks non stop about his Mustang, always trying to compare the gas mileage to his Corolla, complain he cannot drive it etc.

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    Novas are nice cars, IMO the original sleeper
    Buddy of mine who is a big lock Chevy man rescued a barn stored 70’s Nova and restored it to better than factory condition. It’s the most amazing shade of metallic teal I’ve ever seen. A real head turner down in Florida.
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    I became a family man too early in life for these pony cars. What I did was drive the meanest big cars I could get my hands on.
    Once we actually had a Mustang as a second car. My main ride was a Caprice at the time. While the Mustang could get you a speeding ticket with little effort, the Caprice being an ex-cruiser was no slouch, and actually had the Mustang beat for turning radius. Something I would not have believed but for having them both at the same time.

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    One of my favorites that I owned, full belanger exhaust system, could hear it coming two blocks away!


    garbage pics 495.jpg
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    Thanks for posting a whole bunch of nice cars guys. Brings back memories.
    My thrill ride was a Honda Magna motorcycle. Owned it for 2 years. 0 to 250 in 10 heartbeats was my thrill.
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    My first car when I was 17 was a 1983 Chevy Chevette (just about 37 years ago now!).

    Looked something like this:


    I put red pin striping on it, similar to the picture above, but not on the grill. I think I had pin stripes on the hood though. Also had the windows tinted, and installed an Alpine (I think) AM/FM/Cassette player with beefed up speakers. The radio had "AM Stereo", something they were experimenting with back then I guess, as some AM stations did broadcast in some kind of special AM stereo mode.

    Can you imagine how cool I looked driving down the street with the windows open blasting Gino Vannelli's "Black Cars" (look better in the shade) on cassette???

    Was a great little car.

    Side comment - I got my driver's licence when I was 14. My dad was offered VP in a company in Edmonton, so we picked up and moved from Ontario. I think I was in grade 9 when we moved. Back then in Alberta you could get your learners permit/licence when you reached 14 years old. As fate would have it, my dad hated his new job, so the company moved us back to Ontario less than 1 year later. But my Alberta licence was still valid in Ontario, all my friends were jealous I could drive at age 14 and 15 (with a full licenced driver with me), while they had to wait until they were 16.

    For those who don't know the song mentioned above, here it is (I still like it!)

    I'm sad I can't find any pictures of that Chevette.... Every single vehicle I've bought since then has been black, currently driving a 2010 F-150 Lariat (black of course).
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    My 2008 and ZX14, sadly they're all gone sold everything last few years. The '96 GTS went to the Netherlands. Truly an insane car to drive, zero driver aids and when you light it up no traction at all even with those monster tires.


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    I hate it when a car gives me driver aids.
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    Throwback to maybe 10yrs ago, camino is mine, the camaro is my buddy's
    Mine is in the barn needing the interior done, the camaro is now in ontario(my buddy still owns it) and likely not much better off
    Someday... someday...


    I've drove some different new trucks for work, still would rather an old square body chev or ford, but the new trucks do get good mileage.
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    I had many good times in a Chevette. And a Citation II (world champion backwards donuts car). Neither were mine though....
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