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    All some of you guys are doing is proving the article's statement that firearms are forgiving for mediocre lubrication choices.

    The point of learning is you want an ideal approach rather than just a pass. If so, you'll go with the "General Rule of Lubrication: oil for rotating parts, grease for sliding parts that carry a load."

    I guess it is debatable whether anything other than a semi-auto experiences much load. With manual actions it likely depends on how it is being used. Hunting guns don't do much shooting once they have been set up.

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    I was surprised that the food machine grease has a best before date...

    I tried a few of them but did not like the texture much. Silly thing to say but there it is.
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    well most guys ? orange solid oil from famous lubricants is the best from steam heat to freezing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    Just to reiterate....22 weight hydraulic oil on everything. Zero problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by SwissArmyMan View Post
    I just use the cheapest 5w-20
    ISO 22 is about a SAE 5W weight, I don't think you will ever got into the SAE 20 range of viscosity on a gun...

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