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    got offered a CZ 75 40cal.??

    I have also been offered a CZ has about 1000 rounds threw it. Comes with 3 mags and a holster , it's a perfect for IPSC or TPC. for $600
    What should I do?
    Do you think maybe I should offer $500 or less?
    He did let me try it and it felt good. Unfortunately being a beginner I do not know... I know maybe I am asking to much?
    I did go on this site to learn and understand the goods and the bad's.
    Asking for help.

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    How good a shape is it in? 1000 rounds, I'm guessing newer, and black?

    You've got a .22 pistol on the way, and you've been offered a good deal on a HiPoint .40 pistol and a good price on a .40 CZ pistol w/extras (1000 round is nicely broken in, IMO)...personally I'd be deciding if .40 was the calibre I wanted to play with and if I had the cash.
    If yes, buy both.

    Both good deals, you won't lose money. Whoever is selling them has priced them fairly, mags for the CZ are...errr it's been a while, $30? Holster, sight unseen, I'm guessing Kydex, 'nother $30? So the pistol with two mags is $540 (WARNING this math is Gunmath, it's like Shoemath for women....) fair price for a used CZ75.

    Now finances come into play?
    If money is an issue...I couldn't tell you. Really, if money's a "can't make the rent" issue, buy neither. Those deals will come along again...they'll just take awhile...but $600 for one quality pistol or $750 for two pistols in the same calibre...I like mac and cheese, how 'bout you?

    I've never shot a HiPoint, I really like my CZ85. CZ makes a good pistol...I'm not sure that there are any problems with the 75?

    IMO, YMMV, etc. not a .40 fan, we just use them at the range in Canada, after all. 9mm is cheaper (2/3 price, ish?), .45 is easier to see holes.

    Can you get a chance to shoot them both?

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    In my opinion I'd pass on the Hi Point and get the CZ. Use the money you saved to get the Kadet adapter for the 75.
    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for 'em.

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    Skip the hi point, that's a good price for the cz with the Accesories. You won't lose money and 1000 rounds is F'all
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    I never liked CZ pistols, but thats a reasonable price...

    Again, the CZ is probably a better purchase than the hi point.

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