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    Stag 10 build help

    Bought a Stag 10 receiver set on sale at CTC. Have never built an AR type rifle, what tools will I need to buy for this build? Kinda wanted to go for a classic m16 look
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    True North has a lot of the tools. An AR10 sized reaction rod or a fixture (by Wheeler) that clamps to the top rail is essential, along with a bench vice to hold either, and a barrel nut wrench.

    Then a torque wrench.

    Roll pin punches and starter punches are nice to have, and a set of Allen wrenches..

    Some moly grease for the barrel nut, and I like synthetic bearing grease for any hole I’m driving a pin into, or to keep springs from flying out when they slip - glop the spring with grease before installing it.
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