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    Start with a cold pan, and yes, hope there's leftovers for your baked potato or to toss in with the butter and onions you drench your perogies in, and believe me, bacon bits in a cobb salad is good, yes.. salad. The only bacon I can eat now is get K&K Foodliner to order and pickle me two pork bellies from the Bear and Flower ranch, then 4+ hours of maple or pecan smoke. Pretty hard to go back to store bought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    Try deep frying it too. Comes out perfect.
    When I worked at Earls, I remember quite a few bacon strips that got deep-fried when a cook forgot to get bacon ready for a BC burger lol. No it wasn’t spec but it produced perfect bacon really quick every time

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    I tried the oven at 400F with 15" wide parchment paper and a baking pan (2" x 10" x 14"), using Maple Leaf Original Natural bacon.
    I had to cook it for 24 minutes, since it wasn't done at 18.

    The taste wasn't as good as with my Breville Grill which makes tasty flat bacon,
    and the parchment paper still had more fat on the bacon than I have with the Grill,
    but unlike the Grill cleanup was trivial, and the taste was fine, thus parchment might be a go to technique for bacon.
    (Grill cleanup is a lot of work, as the spatter gets into the many corners)

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    I like doing turkey bacon on the BBQ. It slips through the rack, burns up, and I don't have to eat the crap!

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