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    In Memory of Mors Kochanski.

    Mors Kochanski died December 5, 2019, he was 79 years old.

    Mors Kochanski (Husband, father, brother, craftsman, writer, artist, instructor, teacher, mentor, colleague, legend).

    In spite of his family’s belief that he would eventually be crushed by a tower of toppling books in his magnificent and eccentric library, Mors Kochanski died at his home in the early hours of December 5, 2019, of peritoneal mesothelioma.

    Mors was born October 11, 1940, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan-the first of his siblings not to have started their lives in Poland. His early experiences as a farm boy, a scout, and a naval cadet provided the foundation for a career as a globally recognized outdoor living skills educator, specializing in the boreal forest.

    He was an Honorary Canadian Ranger, an Honorary Associate of Arts (Northern Lights College), the author of a Canadian bestseller, and featured as an artist at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

    We grieve the loss of his company, but his legacy will warm the hearts, and save the lives, of generations yet to come.
    If your not familiar with Mors here's an article from the Edmonton Journal:

    The Wikipedia entry for Mors:
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    Thanks and god speed Kors

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    Reading his stuff has been on my to do list for quite some time. Information relevant particularily to canada, especially western canada is pretty rare.
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