My Browning BAR (Safari MK2) bolt wont open. Something let go and its locked up solid. In order to disengauge the lugs from the barrel, Id have to take the barrel off. In order to do that, youve got to get the forestock off. In order to do that, you have to open the bolt......blah blah blah...around and around we go.

I was thinking of buying another BAR since I have 2 mags already, and just using this one as a parts gun. Then I got thinking....whats available out there these days ? Maybe try something new ?

My only absolutes are non-restricted, semi-auto, and 300 win mag. I know about the Benelli R1, but I dont see much else out there in the gun world that meets those 3 requirements. Anybody know of anything else ? No, it doesnt have to be in current production. Im not closed to the idea of used guns by any means.