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    The original garage hose bell!

    The maker of the “drive on the hose” get service announcement.

    They also have some higher tech options now, like sensors inside your culvert and a perimeter beam option.

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    I think that would tend to gum up the snowblower.

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    One of my buddies was telling me about his home security system for his gun vault.
    It included a ceiling mounted pepper spray dispenser that goes off if there's motion in the room without a code being entered.

    Just something to consider adding...
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    I bought these to put in our vehicles. They work great. You can have up to 4 sensors connected to 1 base. If you buy 2 bases that come with 2 sensors each, you can have 4 zones with the sensors triggering both base stations at the saem time and have 2 alarms going off in different places in the house.
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    I never really gave security much of a thought. Wife works from home, and I'm retired so, I'm home alot. Plus the sketchy people across the street moved out.

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