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    Quote Originally Posted by labradort View Post
    If the paperwork "from the retailer" is sufficient, then why is the second registration mailed from Miramachi? Here's why: they need confirmation the address on file is current. I could claim to live anywhere and receive by email a transfer notice for the retail to home trip.

    Also the first RPAL doesn't include the range trip conditions, so if it's the first restricted purchase (which attaches the purpose with a range membership in my case), the RPAL doesn't match this condition of how the firearm can be transported until the second RPAL card comes in the mail.

    You can take the risk and it likely won't matter. The problem with this approach is the risk of things going wrong, and then you lose the right to possess. If you enjoy the firearms privilege, that's a big risk to take.
    thanks, way better info

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    After reading this thread, I've come to the conclusion that the compliance rate for for a gun-give-back program, will be very high.

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