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    SBI Ruger 10/22 chassis review

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    The ability to have a second hold down for a standard 10/22 receiver is nice. The Dlask MDT one requires a Dlask receiver that is DT on the back for the block that locks it to the chassis. This one looks less bothersome for takedown

    Yeah the trigger guard gap is ugly, but some folks think chassis are fugly to begin with - they're about ergonomics for me. Most rimfires have far too short a LOP so you either stick a thick slip-on pad on, which still doesn't quite do it, or get a chassis and also have the advantage of a pistol grip which is MUCH more comfortable for benchrest.
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    being able to run an adjustable stock, not only for LOP but height(depending on the stock you buy) as well is really nice.
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    I have no problem with the gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip, I do see adrielm's point about enough room for bigger hands on the grip and distance to the trigger. These stocks are all fuggly as all get out but do the job they were designed for.

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