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    What Y'all Runnin for Cordless Tools?

    So as the title states? I gave my Milwaukee 24v Sawzall to one of the kids with a home issue and in vodka moment told him to keep it, my impact & drill is 20v Rigid but I noticed it is not the Rigid I remember when I was on the tools.

    The brushless Dewalt stuff decent? I'll give the rest of my kit away to my new homeowner son and buy a new combo kit. I'll probably do it online so any and all input is appreciated.....

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    I use Riobi and am very happy. I use them as a home owner though and not as a tool of employment.
    They were used to build a 12’ x 14’ deck and did all the drilling and screwing on one battery.
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    DeWalt, some brushless some not. My wholesaler offers excellent support which makes it an easy choice. I kept most of my 18 volt stuff and just bought the 20 volt adaptors.

    Word of warning on the adaptors....circular saw loses about 1/2'' of depth cut due to the battery and adaptor sticking out and some tools for some reason will drain the 20 volt battery for no reason...suspect it has something to do with the temp sensor maybe.

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    Plenty of guys at work using newer Dewalt stuff, and I’m much more impressed with it than their old Ni-cad stuff. Milwaukee is still pretty popular too.

    I’ve been running Makita for at least a decade. Pretty satisfied and no reason to change, other than I manage to destroy a drill every few years. Mostly by running holesaws that are probably way bigger than I should be running in it. They brought out a high torque model that weighs double the standard drills a few years ago, going to try that out in the New Year. I’m also planning to use it to run an 8” ice auger.... I finally abused one of the sawzalls to death this summer too, let all the smoke out chopping copper scrap in the garage. It did not lead an easy life...the other one had just been kicking around the garage for some years, still running like a champ.
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    I'm using dewalt 20v now, and I'm happy with it.
    Prior to that I was using Milwaukee 18v, and it was good too, but I did burn through a few drills.
    I was using makita 18v before that, and it was good too, but I burned through a few of those drills, and more batteries than with any other brand I've used. If their factory repair shop wasn't so close to work, it would have been a nightmare.
    On jobsite these days from what I see is things are mostly split between yellow and red.
    The main reason I went with yellow this time is that I can send them away for repair/warranty from my local hardware store. I'm 2 hrs away now from the factory repair centers in Edmonton.
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    I only use cordless tools as a last resort. Like when I'm over 33 metres from an electrical outlet.

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    Time to stick out like a sore thumb again....sigh.

    I use the Mastercraft 20v drill and impact. Does everything I've needed to do so far (home stuff, not work) and the battery life is excellent.
    After cashing in CT money and a $50 gift card I was into the on-sale combo (2 tools, 2 batteries, charger and bag) for a shade over $42.
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    Really, it seems to be figure out what the big/heavy duty must have items are for you and narrow it down from there. Some lines may not offer what you’re after, some will.
    Chainsaw (only a couple good ones on battery so far)
    Light jackhammer?
    Table saw maybe?
    Ride on mower?

    You get the idea. I’m currently mostly Dewalt 18V, but looking at revamping myself. Probably Dewalt because they do most of the above, but they have complicated their battery lines a bit. But, for generator/remote areas, a battery table saw is a nice option. And for occasional cutting, a battery saw as well.

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    I've got:

    2 x 18v Dewalt 1/2" drills - ok
    20v Dewalt 1/2" drill - ok - smells a bit when you use it
    20v Dewalt 1/4" impact driver - ok - not 100% reactionless though and smells a bit when you use it.
    18 volt Milwaukee 3/8" impact gun - excellent +++ - more torque than I thought possible in a 3/8" electric gun (210 ft-lbs)
    18 volt Milwaukee 1/2 impact gun - excellent +++ - can't believe how well it works - torque to spare (1400 max IIRC)

    Unless something changes, all of my future purchases will be Milwaukee.
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    All of my firearms and most of my knives are cordless.
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