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    ATF Stats - Gangs and Violence

    ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition

    America’s love affair with guns is only getting stronger.

    New federal data shows that there are 422.9 million firearms in circulation, or about 1.2 guns for every person in the country.

    What’s more, despite years of criticism of modern “assault-style” rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, there are a record 17.7 million in private hands, proving that it is the most popular gun around.

    And last year alone, the arms industry produced 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition.
    What Liberals Don’t Understand: A Serious Attempt at Gun Confiscation Could Lead to Civil War

    “From my cold, dead hands!” – Charlton Heston

    Liberals love to fantasize about confiscating every gun in America. It may be their most beautiful dream. Liberals get control of the Supreme Court and ignore the Second Amendment; Washington makes gun ownership illegal; almost all the guns come pouring in or are destroyed; a few hapless Jim Bobs who won’t get in line get shot up by the cops and then the government is free to do anything it wants and if people don’t like it, well, what are they going to do about it without guns?

    Or, alternately, D.C. could hire goon squads in local communities to go house to house to confiscate weapons. Yes, people would be killed in conflicts with the police and goon squads that come to take their guns. Liberals would cheer. They would not be cheering when police chiefs, officers, and goon squad members who carry out these orders are assassinated at their homes by armed people from their own communities.
    Criminal Gun and Gang Violence in Canada

    Increasing number of gun crimes

    While overall crime rates in Canada are much lower today than decades ago, for the third consecutive year the total number of firearm-related homicides in Canada increased, reaching 223 in 2016, 44 more than the previous year.Footnote1 Shooting has now become the most common form of homicide, surpassing homicide by stabbing and beating.Footnote2

    Gang-related murders involving guns is no exception. In 2016 alone, police reported 141 gang-related homicides, 45 more than in 2015. The largest increases in the number of gang-related homicides committed with a firearm were reported in Ontario (+22) and British Columbia (+12), with the majority of these occurring in Toronto and Vancouver.Footnote3 Since 2013, firearms murders in Canada’s largest cities have almost doubled from 134 to 223.Footnote4

    Gun violence is also increasing in rural areas. In Canada, three out of 10 violent gun crimes happen outside of a major city. Overall, the Territories and Saskatchewan have the highest rates of firearm-related violent crime
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    ATF stats do not apply to Canada.
    "...Gun violence..." That is yet another media hack invented term, firearm owners should not be using. There is no such thing as "gun violence". Firearms are inanimate objects. They cannot be violent.
    "...the Territories and Saskatchewan have..." Primarily due to the raging poverty and drug use on the assorted Reserves.

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