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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikemoose View Post
    Pollivere is out.

    Thats unfortunate.
    well we can still sick him on Justin,,, or any of them,,,

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    I'm still waiting to hear what the heck happened with Stephen Harper quitting the Conservative Fund. The story of $900,000 in personal expenses for Scheer doesn't sit well with me. When I donated to the party, it wasn't for his kids to have private school. If the other expenses are purely for running a political campaign they shouldn't be sitting under a column called personal expenses. There is a problem here that needs to be cleaned up before I'm donating anything more.

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    Actually, when I found out about this sweetheart back room deal, I contacted the National Council and advised Dustin van Vugt I too didn’t contribute to the CPC to allow Scheer to send his kids to private school. I told them and copied my MP that I would only contribute to our local riding campaign from now on. Until they come clean, National can pound salt.
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