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Thread: 2005 vs 2019

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    2005 vs 2019

    I keep saying there's nothing new in gun control.

    Feds earmark $327M over five years to fight gun, gang violence
    The money will finance a variety of programs to cut gun crime and criminal gang activities and stem the flow of illegal firearms into communities.
    -- 2017, 2018, 2019.

    The Trudeau government plans to empower provinces and cities to take steps to manage the storage and use of handguns within their individual jurisdictions, given that they have different needs and concerns.
    -- 2019 Dec,


    “Part of the plan is to pour $325-million into law enforcement, including an RCMP team of 250 officers to combat gangs, organized crime and drug trafficking. And it would hire 75 officers to work to fight gun smuggling.” The 75 officers to fight gun smuggling will be pretty stretched to cover the US border, doncha think?
    -- 2005 Dec,

    “The Liberals would pass legislation to let provinces make handguns illegal.” So it will still be up to the provinces to buy in or not. This must be an attempt to save the few western seats they have, as well as a back door should the magic ban not immediately eliminate gun-related crimes.
    -- 2005 Dec,

    (from )

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    $327M is maybe enough for half of Toronto.... What are they gonna do for the rest of the country?

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    "...plans to empower provinces and cities..." That'd require a Constitutional amendment that allows them to change or alter the CC of C. That'd mean the Provinces will have to agree. Hard thing to do when Junior's daddy had to include his "notwithstanding" clause to get Quebec to sign his Constitution.

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