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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    There have been so many...... ROFL !!!

    I was once shooting off my big mouth at the range about how my Norc 1911 Govt wasn't the nicest, most accurate pistol ever, but it NEVER jams. I hand it to a guy (cop) to try out. The thing jams on the second round.

    I can't comment on the circumstances, but I once fired (on purpose) a 300 win mag with a muzzle brake on it inside a very small enclosed space with no hearing protection on. That's one to never repeat, trust me.

    I was out deer hunting with my Browning BAR semi-auto and spotted a deer. All my cartridges were in my pocket. No gets better....did that TWICE in the SAME DAY !!! Shut up Rottweilerboy !!! LOL !!

    I was new to bullet casting and thought I could get away without using gas checks on the 30-30 rounds I was shooting out of my Winchester 94 lever. Me + cleaning rod and brush + MANY hours = You could see the barrel rifling again.

    I didn't know the first thing about an SKS. I bought one and started to take it apart to clean it. I can't remember why I wanted to take it off, but couldn't get the front sight off. In a moment of frustration, I took a grinder to it. As it turns out, that spring inside is a necessary part. LOL. I gave the gun to Haywire1 for parts.

    I drove 1 hr 10 min to the range with about 10 guns and left ALL my ammo sitting on the garage floor. I was so mad at myself, I drove all the way home, grabbed it, and drove back to the range. 4 hrs and 40 minutes drive time for a few hours of shooting.

    I once lined up a bunch of milk jugs full of water on a plank. I laid down and shot them at a distance of about 2 ft with my 44 mag revolver to see how many it would go through. If it wasn't the middle of winter, the shower I took wouldn't have been so bad.

    I was using the floor of my service truck as a casting bench, and the power inverter to run the lead pot. My retired neighbor came over with his dog and started chatting to me. Rather than being distracted while casting (safety first !) I decided to shut off the inverter until he had left. I jumped into the back of the truck, clicked off the inverter. When I took a step back, I knocked 5 lbs of molten lead all over the back of my truck, the driveway, and splashed the side of Mrs BSD's 1 year old van. By some miracle, I didn't get my neighbor or the dog. Many hours with a pick and needle nose pliers, and I had most off it off the driveway.

    The one I'll enter with.....

    I was making (welding) a tool to make the trunnion straps for mini-canons. I set the garage and myself on fire. One 20 lb fire extinguisher, a trip to the local emergency room, a few trips to the burn unit downtown for cleaning and debridement, lots of drugs, many hours of cleaning, and 3 weeks of painful healing, and all was good again !!!
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    My favourite was getting to fire a friend's Desert Eagle in .50AE... wow!!

    It was also an embarrassing one (of many!) - he had actually put the safety on, and here I am slowly squeezing the trigger waiting for that awesome recoil. Squeezing... squeezing... pulling... crushing. Nothing. I look over, big smile on his face, "Safety's on". Har-de-har-har... . And of course, he was making a video of the whole debacle

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    My Favorite story is also my most embarassing. So if the Mods have to do it, I guess I can too.

    When i was 18 my Dad and I went out hunting on opening day of duck season. I was having a hard time hitting anything at all. Dad reached in my bag and pulled out some of my shells, and said "Here's why you can't hit anything, you're using Magnums, and they're causing you to flinch". Of course I was hurting, but stubborn as we all are at that age. I said " That's not it. I never flinch!". A while later I went to go to the bathroom out behind the blind. While I was gone, he took the shell out of the chamber on me. It wasn't long before a pair of Woodies came in and I swung up on them. CLICK. I ran out through the front of the blind and did a header into the pond. My Dad laughed until he couldn't breathe. "Don't flinch huh?". We laughed about that for years.

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    My favourite gun moments was taking my 4 year old to the range shooting. He had shot a .22 before but he just pulled the trigger a bunch and liked to hear the shots go off. This time he wanted to make some targets with holes in them like dad does.

    I set him up on a target at about 15 yards and he started plinking away with a couple of my different rifles. He was doing well but stopped after about 10 minutes.

    “Dad I want to shoot your big gun at the far away paper.”

    I was shooting my 300wsm at 200 for some practice just before I set him up. “Sorry bud that gun is too big for you”, I said pointing to it.

    “Not that one dad, your big one in the truck.”

    I brought a few extra guns like I always do because you never know who is at the range and I like showing off and bragging about my rifles so I had my fancy .223 with me. It’s super heavy with a 30 inch varmint barrel and had a bell and Carlson target stock on it with a big old Nightforce b.e.a.s.t. to top it off so I figured sure.

    “Yeah, you can shoot that one.”

    I got the rifle out and set it up on the bipod and a shooting bag on the back, pointed it at the target and let him have at it.

    The brat put a 6” group a little left of the bullseye on the 100 yard target with his first 5 rounds and wanted the magazine filled up to the top with ten rounds. After shooting some more mags he has another bright idea.

    “Dad I want to shoot something else.”

    “Like what?”

    “I want to shoot a deer.”

    “Well we can’t do that, it’s not hunting season but I think I have some change in my pocket. Do you want to shoot a nickel?” I asked

    “Ooo dad I shoot shoot a quarter it has a deer on it!”

    I giggled a bit and agreed. I went out to the 15 yard target to set up the quarter and he was right behind me. “No dad at the far paper.” So we went out and set it up.

    I gave him the fresh 10 round mag thinking he would never hit the thing and he shoots his first shot like 1 millimetre low into the wood supporting the quarter and the second shot goes left of center right through the damn caribou’s head. I couldn’t believe it.

    He carried that quarter with him everywhere to show off to everyone but eventually lost it.

    He is now 8 years old and will never let me go to the range alone! He shoots my 9mm pistol, 12gauge shotgun, AR 15s, and has his own .22 to shoot dirt rats. He wants to shoot a chicken, then a duck, then an eagle.

    We have convinced him eagles are not for shooting, so now it’s a deer on the list.

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    Firearms and the love of both hunting and shooting sports helped rekindle the relationship between my uncle and I. We hadn't talked but once a year, if that, until about 2 years ago. That's when I received my PAL in the mail.
    My uncle has been a shooter and hunter for about 45 years. I'd heard the stories from some of my other family members about some of his trips and his skill as a shooter. Being new to the firearms community, I reached out for advice on what my first purchase should be. About 2 weeks later he showed up at my door with his Remington 870 and an old Winchester .30-.30 lever action. Both had been well loved but very well maintained.
    "I'd like you to have these. Guns should be kept in the family." He said.
    I was both honoured and VERY grateful for such a generous gift.
    And so began our relationship. After nearly 25 years, we're now more like father and son than uncle and nephew. We shoot together at least 3-4 times a month and spend countless hours talking about shooting, hunting and reloading. We trade reloading supplies as we work up our loads. We surprise each other with little gifts of bipods, bullets, powder, and other little treats.
    Rekindling our relationship has been something that we both cherish deeply. The laughs we now share are priceless. My only regret is that we didn't do this sooner. My favourite firearms moment is actually many moments. Ones that I never could have imagined would have happened all happened because of a shared love of firearms.

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    Best firearms moment for me was at a CHAS 3 gun match. At the very end of a stage I noticed I had missed a popper tucked away behind a barrel. From across the bay I hammered it, the crowd of other shooters cheered, it was amazing.

    Tyson S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf View Post
    I've narrowed it down to three
    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    There have been so many...... ROFL !!!
    That's why I haven't posted in this thread yet: every moment with a firearm has been amazing, so the 'favorites' start to pile up quick.

    But, my "Favorite firearms Moment" is tied between two I suppose, and firearms wasn't the main part of them as they both about veterans, but their thoughts on guns and sharing it with me... (Note: I was a 'last chance' kid, my parents were well into their forties when I was born, and in my family there are lots of these 'late age' births.)

    My dad's oldest sister was born in 1923 and was a nurse in the last half of WWII, serving after D-day on ships taking wounded back to England on the channel. I am one of the very few she has ever spoken about her experiences to, and according to her, the only one she talked about it at length and in detail. She had told me things that would give a lot of modern Millennials severe PTSD. I was proud when we discussed firearms: how she always liked to shoot the German rifles and SMLEs, she never blamed the inanimate objects (guns) or the soldiers following orders... just the politicians and the people at the top. R.I.P. auntie, and thanks for helping me become a gun rights supporter.

    My mom's uncle (another 'last chance kid') was in Vietnam as a Navy mechanic, but he did see action over there and eventually got sent home due to combat injuries. I sat with him on his farm one fall when I was 15 years old just before hunting season, somewhat surprised to hear that he enjoyed deer and rabbit hunting very much (my mom always said being in Vietnam changed him, he was always quiet and not one to joke much). We got gabbing and joking about shooting rabbits and other hunting things, which again was very unusual for him. When I had ribbed him enough to get him a bit flustered about being a poor shot he suddenly got up and went into the house. I figured I had angered him and was sitting for a bit when he came out of his house with an Anschutz rifle with a mannlicher stock, a .22 with very nice peep sights. I don't remember if the rifle was a single shot or magazine fed, but he couldn't miss any shot that was remotely possible. Eventually we got around to gun ownership, Vietnam, being a soldier and so forth. Even with the experiences of multiple tours he was (and still is) a huge supporter of gun rights and property rights: he refuses to let being injured by bullets in a conflict jade him against gun owners. Thanks uncle, for also helping me become a gun rights supporter.

    Thanks for listening (reading)...
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    Favourite firearms moment; Mentoring a new hunter (adult) on looking for sign, figuring out the lay of the land, calling, concealment and shot placement. Took him hunting and everything unfolded like it was straight out of a textbook! Usually with some luck and experience you can combine a few of those and at least see some deer. I've never had it go that easy for myself, and I may have created some unrealistic future expectations for him lol.
    "It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens."

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    My favorite moment was reenacting with my family as a 17th fur trapper. Along with living in a tent and showing off old school skills we also displayed and fired old time firearms such as cannons, hand gonnes, matchlocks and flintlocks.

    Hundreds of people have shot these under our instruction and many have gotten into the shooting sports because of it.

    Coming from an anti-firearm family; it has been a blast to use these old time guns to introduce family into shooting. Now many of them have their PALs and go to the range as well, bringing others with them.

    A tie would also be when I taught my wife and kids to shoot (I learned in Air Cadets with a Lee Enfield). My Wife and older daughters can now outshoot me. Awesomeness!

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    My favourite moment was just this past summer!

    Took my little fella to a maple seed event.

    It was a great day, the instructors were awesome.


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