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    "...found the accused's DNA..." They spent a lot of time and money to catch this vicious criminal. Nothing else to do in Sudbury.
    That picture from the Sudbury newspaper shows it has no trigger or workable action. And a plastic barrel would very likely blow up. Even with a .22 blank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinilin View Post
    Eventually the manufactures become part of the enforcement.
    Today consumer (sub-$350) resin printer (including home built ones), built with off-the-shelf parts already have ~2 thou resolution XY, sub-1 thou Z. It is far enough to to print any firearm. I really don't see you obsession with "high-end printer"...

    As for government meddling, I've been through this with the ITAR crypto bs (within the past 10 years). It only happened because we started to deal with foreign government controlled organizations (including military) and only complied because it was one more administrative oops from incompetent Ottawa administration personnel to go through to sell the product. Btw, we didn't do any magic crypto on our end, but merely tweaking the non-crypto part of a publicly and freely available software...

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