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    Wanstalls Sticker Promo Free Gun!

    Check out our new Promo! Buy a $20.00 Wanstalls vinyl sticker and be entered in to a draw to win this Chiappa 1886 Hunter 45-70! Only 100 tickets sold so you have a 1 in 100 chance to win!


    No purchase necessary. Contest ends on 02/01/2020 or once there are no more contest stickers, whichever occurs first. All prize claims must be redeemed by 02/10/2020. For no purchase entry, write by hand a 500 word essay on Canada's involvement in World War 2, send a postage paid, self-addressed stamped envelope to Wanstalls ATTN Events Depo 22338 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X2T4, which must be postmarked by 02/01/2020 and received by 02/04/2020. Only open to residents of Canada. Void where prohibited. Prizes are regionally distributed across Canada: 1x Firearm Valued at aprox $1600.00 odds at outset 1 in 100. Correctly answered math skill-testing question required. Prizes may not be exactly as shown. Contestants must have valid NON restricted PAL to enter.
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    13,251 Ruger #1 entering?
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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    Ban him before he sees this
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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    Well, that was pretty quick! Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets. Perhaps we should do something like this again?

    We will contact the winner once we have drawn a name.

    Cheers everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanstalls View Post
    We will contact the winner once we have drawn a name.
    His name is Ruger#1 and he is a jerk

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    That'll teach me for going away for a couple days, miss all the good stuff
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    The Winner has been drawn and contacted. Thanks to everyone who bought a sticker and keep your eyes open for our next promo. Cheers!

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