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    Possible Criminals Looking for Guns

    As seen on Facebook

    Today, January 9th 2020, at approximately 12:20 pm, a phone call was received at a SW Ontario gun club, from a woman who said they were a local police officer by the name of Constable Stevenson. The Constable said they were investigating numerous stolen firearms and were inquiring whether the club had storage facilities for firearms. The club executive who took the phone call stated the club does not store firearms. The Constable asked who they were speaking with, for reference, along with their address, both of which were provided. After the call, to verify the investigation, the local police Detachment was contacted with regards to a Constable Stevenson. The police detachment confirmed that there was no female Constable Stevenson and that a male Constable Stevenson was off duty for the day and that he had made no such inquiry to a gun club. The club, confirmed by the OPP, suggests that this call may be the result of criminals seeking out clubs that may have on-site storage of firearms.

    This information is being shared to alert other clubs, and to ask that if other clubs receive a similar call, that they ask the caller for verification of their badge number, and ask to call them back at the station. If you have already received a similar call, please report it to the police. The incident shared here was reported to Simcoe OPP Norfolk County detachment.

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    I expected this to be another buy back thread.

    But, it’s a good reminder to give out no personal info over the phone.
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    I think there should be a couple constables, steaked out that person's house to catch a couple of thiefs that will hit a house that they know has guns.

    To anyone that gets a call from a cop, and they ask for your address, tell them "Come down to my house, and knock on the door... I'll give you a copy of my ID then." then hang up.

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    As the old saying goes " Never Give Out Information Over The Phone " . Phone scams have been around for years ; yet people still give out information when requested . People have been so conditioned to obey authority , that as soon as someone IDs themselves as some type of authority figure , then common sense goes right out the window ; much like this situation at MacDonalds a few years ago .

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    Is it even real though or just someone dreamt it up and posted it on social media?
    All it says is "a SW Ontario gun club".
    We will probably never know as who is about to admit they were retarded enough to give out personal info over the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greywolf67nt View Post
    All it says is "a SW Ontario gun club".
    Actually, it says

    Simcoe OPP Norfolk County


    Googling for "gun ranges near simcoe ontario" turns up a few possibilities.

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    Wouldn't the police be aware that a Club has storage facilities?
    Or shame on the club executive for answering- should have deferred questions to the CFO.
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