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    hmmm i guess fototime is down was working for me before my flight...anyway, i am home now and hope to upload all my pics today.

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    Continuing with knives…I was hoping to see Ernie Emerson and update our comparison picture but sadly he was not at the show.

    I did get to see the new smaller Sheepdog, shown here next to the original size.

    Other interesting knives at his booth…the Seax fixed blade neck knife

    CQC-7 fixed next to the folding version

    The P-SARK trainer

    And my personal favourite, the Super Commander

    Back to guns….I put myself on the “the list” for a Springfield FBI gun almost 2 years ago without ever having handled one in person…now I can say that my instincts were right because it is stunning in person

    Next stop, Colt

    Of course all the talk about Colt is around the re-released Python, but as I mentioned after shooting it at Range Day, it didn’t excite me enough to want to purchase one.

    The cut-a-way was pretty neat though

    The King Cobra

    Or if you prefer your revolvers to be more dressy

    To me the most interesting gun at Colt was the M16

    Vs. the more modern M4

    And M5

    I started the day with a celebrity sighting and will end with a few more…Lou Ferrigno at Brownell’s booth

    Taran Butler at Benelli with the actual John Wick movie guns!

    On the way to dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Steak (which I will cover later) I ran into Lovie Malespin in the parking lot!

    Then at 11:30 at night I went down to the convenience store in the hotel lobby to get a drink and ran into Royce Gracie!!!

    Quite a good start to the show!

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    Amazing photos and commentary, looks like a blast (pun intended) Thanks for the effort

    Looking forward to the rest.

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    i have something like 700 pics uploaded now...check back later tonight....a couple of teasers

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    Man, you run into Lovie everywhere! I ran into her at Gagnon's, she needed help with her iPad, I'm not an apple guy, couldn't help her, felt so ashamed

    -Jamie M.

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    dont worry, i will be posting plenty of Lovie pics

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    Wednesday SHOT Show 2020 Day 2

    First stop on Day 2, Silver Shadow to check in with Lovie and see the Gilboa double AR-15!

    I liked it a lot more than the Arsenal double 1911

    I knew about the Gilboa but a big surprise was that Silver Shadow also brought a Corner Shot, which I have always wanted to see in person so I was pretty happy about that!

    Lovie doing some demos of how it works to shoot around corners

    I always feel safer when Lovie Malespin provides cover

    I have a Battle Blades Tops Wolfhawk mounted to my HK MR223 and there are a few disadvantages to the design. In my opinion, the Gripknife is a much better way to have a blade mounted to your gun. The intriguing design is a spring mounted blade that deploys out of a rail mounted fore-grip.

    It comes in two sizes in multiple finishes

    Thanks to Lovie for demonstrating as well

    And thanks to the Gripknife team as well…great guys.

    I love catching up with old friends at such shows…such as knife designer Liong Mah…I have a few of his older, more radical designs

    His new lineup is geared more toward EDC and utility

    For example, the Field Duty with drop point, flat ground blade and frame lock

    It looks like an integral but is actually made of two pieces…either way, super solid

    Next, the Lanny


    Warrior 2

    Forgot the names of these two

    It was also great to see Michael Janich again…and update our comparison pic lol

    Spyderco now offers an all black version of Michael’s Yojimbo 2…I really like how the lock-bar on the compression lock is coated black as well

    Shown here with the Chinook 4

    The Chinook 4 closer to James Keating’s original design (I have a Chinook 1 with box signed by James)

    Another new interesting knife from Spyderco, the Nightstick single edged dagger

    As I have reported in the past, F-1 Firearms are my favourite AR15s. I dare say I like them more than my HK MR223! They are known for feeling “light” when you shoot them and I had the same sensation whenever I have shot one.

    They are also known for their wild finishes, although those have been toned down this year.

    This finish changes colour depending on the angle of light

    More examples

    Proof carbon fiber barrel


    Their newest model is more discrete and geared more toward law enforcement than competition

    Shown here by Tom, who tests / tunes the guns that go out (thanks for all your time!)

    My favourite is the Dynamis collaboration

    Here was a big surprise for me…F-1 is getting into handguns! Right now they are based off Shadow Systems guns but they are gradually transitioning to completely in-house.

    And suppressors!

    A Cabot would be a good pairing with an F-1 lol…sadly they did not bring their $4.5 million meteorite guns of even the Trump gun they had at SHOT Show 2018. Fortunately they brought my personal favourite, the Ultimate Bedside gun

    Of course, if you are going to buy a Cabot, you may as well buy a pair to benefit from their clone technology…their guns are made to the thousandths of an inch and unlike other custom guns that need to be hand fitted, you can interchange the parts on a cloned pair.

    Some of you may know that I have a fetish for trainers, even going so far as to have custom knifemakers build training versions of their live blades for me. In the world of firearms trainers, Blue Guns is on top. There is a Blue Gun for EVERYTHING, and if not, they will custom make one for you! In fact, Blue Guns makes props for movies as well as mock ups of prototypes before they are launched. They do not use lasers, rather they make physical molds of products.

    Love the 249

    And the pipe wrench! Lol

    Black Aces Tactical was not on my original list but thanks to online coverage of the show, I found out about their new lever action shotgun…it also caught my eye as I passed by their booth (I guess I am susceptible to shiny new things at SHOT show after all!)

    While this bullpup looks similar to others on the market, it is actually 2 inches shorter

    As I mentioned in my intro, I got an Otte Patrol Parka in anticipation of this show. I discovered this great piece of kit through some past SHOT show videos showing Todd explaining its various features so I wanted to stop by Otte and meet him in person. Todd gave me a similar rundown on the HT Insulated Parka that he is wearing.

    Also in terms of tactical clothing, I am a big fan of Crye Precision…I have a G3 Combat Shirt and am waiting (for six + months!) for my G3 Combat Pants. It was great to see their Loft jacket in person and I have to say that G4 Field coat looks awesome (sadly I did not get a pic).

    I left the show a bit early today in order to attend Doug Marcaida’s seminar on karambits…it was very educational! Once again, it was great to update a comparo pic lol


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    Great Pics! Looks like a fantastic time.

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    Thursday SHOT Show 2020 Day 3
    Let me start today’s coverage with yet another gun that far exceeded my expectations…the Full Conceal Glock 19! My first impression is that it is far more “solid” than I anticipated…also the way it is designed, it is completely safe to carry with one in the chamber as it is impossible to fire when it is in the folded position. One of my favourites of the show.

    Easily fits in the pocket

    This year Full Conceal introduced a more economical model built off a proprietary frame instead of a Glock.

    As I mentioned earlier, B&T has been my favourite booth of the show so far…I knew they had a second booth but I didn’t actively look for it so was pleasantly surprised to come across it. It was great to have another look at the USW and SPR 300…and to finally see VP9 pistol as well!

    Team Wendy has a stellar reputation for helmets. In case you were not aware of the back-story of the company, it was founded after the owner’s daughter died from a head injury suffered while skiing. Their comfort and safety features were quickly noticed by law enforcement / military and the rest is history.

    They had a set-up showing how some testing is done.

    I tried on an Exfil Ballistic helmet…super comfortable and Level IIIA protection

    The “Team Wendy” comfort can now be retrofitted to your other brand of helmet via their “cloud liner” system…note the strategically placed cushioning and ratchet tightening system

    My timing for visiting the Winkler knives booth was great as both Daniel Winkler and James Williams were at the booth!

    James puts his martial arts / combat training to good use designing application specific knives…

    such as this one

    More great Winkler knives

    My personal favourites were the Tactical Cleaver

    And weapon retention tool

    For fans of Alien and Judge Dredd, digital round counters are now a real thing! The Radetec system requires changing three components of your Glock, the slide, backstrap, and one internal part of the trigger group as well as the follower on your mags.

    They also offer a rail mounted “armourer’s tool” which is meant to keep track of shooting sessions…not only does it count the number of rounds fired over the life of the gun, it also keeps track of every shot to the 1/100th of a second…so you could check your splits etc. with the mobile app

    Another cool piece of high tech gear, the new Trijicon Ventus …it uses Doppler LIDAR to measure headwind, tailwind, crosswind and vertical wind components at six different distances up to 5000M and includes a ballistic calculator as well

    In case you were wondering what a $100,000 1911 looks like, Nighthawk has your answer!

    Nighthawk is continuing their collaborations with Agency Arms

    Their double-stack is much thinner than others on the market (such as STI) and features a full dust cover and compensator

    Some new finishes such as this “triple black camo” with three shades of black…and nice stippling on the top of the slide (like the Bob Marvel model)

    This is actually a Colt tuned by Nighthawk

    Nice Officer sized gun, the Counsellor

    Nighthawk Korth revolvers

    Including this 8 shot .357

    Ok ok HK HK….in my review of SHOT Show 2018, the HK booth seemed to get the most response so here
    is another picture dump lol….

    First some military hardware

    my favourite was the M27, which is based on the 416

    My favourite handgun, the Mark 23 SOCOM

    And from the civilian line…




    Last but certainly not least of my booth coverage, Kalashnikov!

    The new Komrad semi-auto shotgun

    Vs. the KS12

    Lot’s of variations of KR-9s

    And the new American made AK, the KR103 (on top)

    Ok that’s it for my booth coverage. I will follow up later today with random cool things, more celebrity spottings, and yes, food pics.

    Tom is also working on additional booth coverage and I will add that when ready as well.

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    Oh the KR-9 would be a hoot, is it actually a long stroke gas system or just a blowback dressed up like it
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