So the BiL gave me the heads-up that I've got pretty good odds of going on a bear hunt this spring. If King Turd and Jester Bill don't say otherwise, I'm planning on taking my Stag 10.

It's a .308, so barring me magically coming up with a .375 Raptor upper in the next two months, I'll be running it as it is.

I'll most likely load the mags with factory ammo, but I'm not averse to handloading. Time just doesn't allow for a lot of load workups, between the jorb, the house and the famjam.

Question is: should I run the 150gr Fusions that I used for deer hunting, or should I go to a heavier bullet for black bears? Range is most likely going to be no more than 50 yards, with 20 or so being the sure thing. I'll be hunting from a ground blind since there aren't any tree stands big enough for me. I'd also like it to not charge me after shooting it (but that's where the extra follow up shots come in, right?) since I don't run for ANYTHING anymore.