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    Sterling Arms International SAI 102 - launch and intro sale

    SAI sale graphic.jpg

    Another non-restricted option! This time; without the Canadian NR tax!

    In September at TACCOM, we debuted the Sterling Arms International line up:

    We were hoping to have this out in the public long before this, but we did not want to beta test on the Canadian public ;-) and took our time. But it is now time….

    As discussed previously: the design is based on the NEA 102 and SAI bought the “technical data package” off of them and therefore… the FRT access. Given the RCMP delays on new approvals, we thought this was the fastest and safest route to market.

    SAI is not trying to be the cheapest. It is trying to offer the best return for investment; basing the sales price starting from the manufacturing costs and working up: Not just pricing what the market will bear.

    At this time, we are only offering kits and parts. Full rifles will come a little later, but they will be branded “Edge Customs” guns as they are, in reality a mishmash of numerous manufacturers. Stay tuned separately for those.
    We have personally built and tested over 10 of these “in-house” and with the IBI barrel; are really happy with our results.
    Receiver Specifications:

    The SAI 102 Receiver is based on the DPMS “high” picatinny, but uses a standard AR15 LPK with the exception of the front pivot pin. This is included with all receiver sets.

    Manufacturer: Sterling Arms International Inc.
    Model: SAI 102
    Calibre: Whatever you want, but we have IBI barrels in .243, .308 and 6.5CM in stock. Our IBI barrels are all rifle length gas systems.
    Action: Semi-Auto
    Upper Receiver: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
    Lower Receiver: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
    Finish: Hard Coat Anodized Class III - Black
    Classification: Non-Restricted (as long as you put a 18.6” barrel on it)

    Rails are M-Lok

    Sterling Arms International launch specials:

    In order to get some of these kits out into the hands on builders, we have decided to run a special for the next week:

    We are offering 3 levels of kits:

    1) Basic: Upper / Lower (includes a Strike Industries dust cover and front pin) $45

    2) Body: Upper / Lower and Rail (includes a Strike Industries dust cover and front pivot pin) $699

    3) Builders: Upper / Lower, Rail, IBI LW .308 Barrel with barrel extension, Rifle length gas tube, .75 Gas Block, Ambi-Selector, End plate with QD socket. $1099

    For the Body and Build kits, you need to pick what length of rail: 12, 14 or 16 inch
    Name: SAI Builders.jpg Views: 1 Size: 120.4 KB

    Webstore Links:

    Basic Kit:
    Body Kit (12” Rail):
    Body Kit (14” Rail):
    Body Kit (16” Rail):
    Builder Kit (12” Rail):
    Builder Kit (14” Rail):
    Builder Kit (16” Rail):

    If you are having difficulty placing the order online, you can call in or fill out this:

    STERLING ORDER FORM 2020 page 1.jpg
    STERLING ORDER FORM 2020 page 2.jpg

    also.... and if this hasn't swayed you yet.... with this sale, you will also get a gift card from TSE to use towards the shipping on this order or on any additional add-ons or future orders.

    Each Kit comes with a corresponding “Gift Card”

    Kit 1 Basic $25
    Kit 2 Body $50
    Kit 3 Builders: $75

    These gift cards cannot be applied to the basic cost of the kit or taxes, but may be used for shipping, applied for anything added to this order or saved for future use.

    Please indicate how you would like to use / utilize your gift card:

    1: Apply to the shipping

    2: Apply to this order for other items

    3: Save for later

    I'm sure there will be a ton of questions, so I'll try to stay active and answer them timely here.Attachment 21178Attachment 21179
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    Can a caliber other than .308 be selected for this offer?

    More info on the 12" - 16" rails offered. $240 is a premium price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabio View Post
    Can a caliber other than .308 be selected for this offer?

    More info on the 12" - 16" rails offered. $240 is a premium price.
    For this offer, no... only the .308 as we have a ton of them. After this intro special we will be doing other packages and sets such as dedicated uppers and barrel sales.

    SAI 308 Rail System
    Available Lengths: 12”, 14”, 16”
    Weight: 70.20gr, 88.49gr, 99.27gr
    Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
    Finish: Type III Hard Anodized

    The SAI 308 rail system is light weight and slim. It uses a standard DPMS pattern AR10 barrel nut thread. The Rail itself is sized to allow it to be dropped on and bolted into a standard BCL barrel nut making upgrading your BCL 102 as easy as loosening and tightening 6 bolts.

    SAI QR-06.jpgtop.jpg

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