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    Portable Tire inflator

    I am thinking of getting a portable tire inflator because the local gas station charge $1.50 to use their air pump.

    Is there any brand that I should consider ?
    Are those that I see in Canadian Tire crap ???

    Thanks guys.

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    What tire do you need to inflate?

    I've gotten those aerosol flat repair things. It doesn't really work on cars. It'll work on wheel barrel tires or bicycles.
    I've gotten a tire inflator that is part of a portable battery charger. It didn't proved sufficient charge for my car and the thing died after a few month.

    For me it's more economical to just spent the loonie/toonie once every couple of years to inflate the tire at a gas station.
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    I bought a one horsepower oil less compressor with a three gallon tank from Canadian tire on sale a couple years ago.
    I have used it a lot. It works great and it was cheap. It will even keep up with a small plasma cutter.
    Its a lot like this one:

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    I got a rinky dink cigarette lighter one that I think is from Canadian tire. It slow, and you can’t read the pressure on the guage cause of how much it shakes.. but that being said it does work it cost nearly nothing and it’s been reliable for nearly a decade haha.
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    I have a couple of bigger air compressors I use in my garage, but for emergencies I carry one of those little putt putt ones that you plug into the cigarette lighter or 12 volt power supply plug. I keep it under the back seat of my truck.

    The putt putt's are slow but they do work, in fact before I got the compressor's for the garage I used the Putt Putt's exclusively for inflating low tires for many years.

    If you do decide to go the Putt Putt route cut out the plastic around the air piston and cylinder to keep it running cool it might not look pretty but it wont run too hot and then should last you many years.

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    I have a Tirewell TW-1001
    12V Tire Inflator (car cigarette lighter accessory port), Direct Drive Metal Pump 100PSI, Portable Air Compressor with Battery Clamp
    maximum pressure 100PSI, air flow 1.06CFM@0PSI, inflates standard vehicle tire in 4 minutes (195/65/R15, 0-35psi)

    It works fine. I've used it to pump up car tires, and bicycle tires. Not fast, but it works.

    I don't think this model is still available.

    I use a separate pressure gauge to verify the tire pressure, because the one it comes with is off by a few pounds.

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    I have an older MotoMaster Eliminator booster thing with the air compressor on it.
    It's slow. Half the lights don't work on it. But after, 10? yrs it'll still boost and pump a tire up.
    Wouldn't want to do it from flat though.

    A proper little air compressor means you could also run some air tools.
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    I found a plug into 12v one 10 years ago, it died this year, was great, used it thousands of times, handy to have in car. Will get another

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    Do you have cordless tools? I have DeWalt at home and Milwaukee in the work truck so hence my decision to get a DeWalt unit. I'm sure most of the cordless tool manufactures make a version.

    These can be found locally( BC lower mainland) for $140.


    This guys voice is annoying, best is to scroll through and look for the charts. It's good in that he compares several different ones.

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    Speaking of cordless inflators, does anyone know where to get an all metal bicycle pump anymore?
    When I started my apprenticeship I acquired one from work and I must have moved hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of air through that thing. We used them for pressuring up gaslines for testing, and many flat truck tires too.
    I lost that one, and have had some modern ones since, but if you're really givin'er the heat will blow the new ones apart.
    The only parts on that one that weren't metal was the wooden handle,.the rubber hose, and the leather cup inside the pump.
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