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    You should come out West and see for yourself, I think we're more than ready to leave and when we go, I don't think that we're going to be cottoning to easterners morontoing our new Western Utopia.
    Green is the new Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingerguy View Post
    Iím also guessing that you havenít begun mobilizing a group of gun owners to fight back against the Liberals. As you are probably the only gun owner in Canada that is not fat, lazy, apathetic and comfortable the rest of us would sure appreciate it if you would show us the way. I hope my poor writing style doesnít make it too difficult for you to read this, as I am also not as bright as you.
    Fight back? He sold off all his guns at the first mention of the bans so as to cowtow to lieberal fantasies of a disarmed Canada. He loves to talk a big line but was one of the first to capitulate.

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