Going to Re-barrel my 16.5" ACR to 18.5 to get it classed N/R.
There are a few options to get this done. I am last on the boat as the ACR has been around a number of years.

There are 2 factory options. Both 18.5".
One is 5.56 and the other is 450 Bushmaster.
$940 and $1150 respectively.
This would be an easy swap.....just basically get a Verification done.
I would also have 2 functional barrel systems.

Another option is to send off my weapon. Let's say Arms East for example. They will replace my barrel and get the N/R status change done for $500. I will only have one barrel system and a stripped 16" barrel.

Anyone wanna throw in 2 cents? Better choice?

Buy the complete 18.5" 5.56 system (maybe? send my 16.5" off to be re-barreled as a 10.5 or 11.5"?)

Buy the 18.5" 450....and keep the 16.5" in the closet...

My main objective is to get it N/R asap.