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    Well, I showed up at Wolverine this morning (first time ever being there) to see the MCR, and I'm happy to report that Wolverine made it right with me over the WK fiasco.

    Not only made it right, but more so, for which I am extremely appreciative.

    I won't go into specifics, but I spoke to a different person and this one did the right thing, and now I'm on good terms with them.

    That said, I bought a WS-MCR on the spot, and I have changed my anti-Wolverine signature block.

    It's somewhat disappointing that in order to do this I have to sell my Sig M400 Tread that's less money and higher quality, but I'm supporting two Canadian companies, and non-restricted counts for a lot.
    I have no signature block.

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    face to face is always the best way to resolve disputes, good that everyone is satisfied

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