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    Select Shooting Supplies is MOVING! And, Building TWO Ranges

    In 2013, Dean Carr created Select Shooting Supplies to serve the Canadian Shooting Sports Community via an online retail portal. The goal - to offer products to those who participate in The Canadian Shooting Sports at reasonable prices and with reasonable shipping costs - while providing knowledge-based customer service to those who inquire about products they were interested in.

    In April of 2015, Dean and Tracey Carr opened a brick and mortar retail location at 116 Argyle Street North in Cambridge, Ontario to serve The Canadian Shooting Sports Community both online and in person - providing the same level of customer service that came to be expected online.

    Select Shooting Supplies supports the industry as a Business Member of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Select Shooting Supplies currently sponsors the CCFR’s ‘Canada Down Range’ and ‘Midlife Mayhem’, both of which air on The Sportsman Channel Canada.

    Dean has travelled across Ontario sponsoring matches and supporting the Canadian Shooting Sports Community, building relationships with those new to the Canadian Shooting Sports and veterans of the sport.

    The dedication our customers have to us, the increase in participants in the Canadian Shooting Sports and the need to serve the Canadian Shooting Sports Community even better means one thing - we need to get bigger.

    On April 1st, 2020, Select Shooting Supplies Inc. will be opening a much larger retail location.

    This location will feature a retail space much larger than the current floor space that Select Shooting Supplies has at its current location - allowing for more product lines to be displayed and added to our already existing inventory.

    And, it allows us to pursue an even bigger and more important venture - an indoor range for licensed individuals and for unlicensed individuals to experience The Canadian Shooting Sports with a certified Range Safety Officer. These facilities will allow participants in The Canadian Shooting Sports to hone their skills in a modern and well kept facility and enjoy the positive and community-focussed approach Select Shooting Supplies prides itself in. For those curious about the sport, they can receive an education and a hands-on experience to cut through the misinformation that is often seen in our media.

    The retail location will open to serve customers first - while the range is scheduled to open from mid to late Summer 2020.

    There are many changes coming. Our location is changing. Our hours of operation will be changing. Our product line will be changing and the services we have to offer will be changing.

    But, what is not changing is our dedication to our customers and maintaining the high level of customer service they have come to expect from us. Also, our dedication to introducing new individuals into Canada’s most inclusive and diverse sporting community will be enhanced with areas we will now have to educate and inform.

    Get ready to experience a Canadian Shooting Sports Facility that reflects the dedication Select Shooting Supplies has to the Canadian Shooting Sports Community.

    We’re ready to move.

    200 Preston Parkway, Cambridge, Ontario - Just off the 401

    The former location of Apex Cycle

    Range Membership Info is Coming!
    Select Shooting Supplies
    116 Argyle Street
    Cambridge, Ontario
    N3H 1P6

    (519) 219-4867

    Visit our WEBSITE

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    Very cool! Congrats. I haven't bought much from you guys, but the transactions I've had were smooth and pleasant. Keep it up!

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    The best and nearest store to me, Dean and his wife provide fantastic support and know their stuff, congratulations and I which you both every success! I am just glad the new store isn't opening any closer to me, my wallet couldn't take it

    By the way Dean, love my Tikka CTR, it's the most accurate toy I have, and I am having some serious fun with the Ruger "Politically Correct" Carbine!
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    Awesome! Congrats!

    Crappy Photoshop below!

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    I've only bought a brick of .22s. I will be in to shoot when it's open.

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