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    Pics from the 2020 Toronto Autoshow

    Well if you like Porsche, especially super rare ones, as well as ultra exclusive modern and vintage exotics, this was the car show for you!

    Let’s start with my absolute favourite car of the show, the super limited edition factory re-release Porsche 935…in all carbon fiber! You heard that right, a factor re-release 935! I will restrain myself from posting ALL of the pictures I took of this beauty.

    The new 718 Cayman GT4 is so tame in comparison

    Even more tame but almost as exclusive as the 935 in its own right, the retro styled Singer 911

    Another rare Porsche that is one of my favourite cars of all time, the 959, one of the 14 cars on display courtesy of Lucas Scarfone and his Autostrada Magazine

    Oh but wait, there’s more! Hypercar Porsche 918

    And Porsche Speedster!

    Again, compared to Porsche’s latest design, the new electric Taycan

    I wonder if the Autostrada booth comes to life after hours like Night at the Museum..i can just picture the rekindled rivalry between Lamborghini and Ferrari…legend has it that Lamborghini made tractors…

    …And then decided to make a sportscar out of dissatisfaction (and some verbal back and forth) with Ferrari. The Miura was one of his earliest designs and what are the chances there would be two at the show!

    Meanwhile, from Ferrari…the Enzo!

    And 488 Pista, capable of 0-60 in 2.8 seconds!

    More classic supercars courtesy of Autostrada, the Jaguar XJ220

    Compared to the new Jaguar Project 8…available for sale starting at $208,000!

    Lancia Stratos, for us rally fans.

    Back to modern hypercars like the Pagani Huayra in purple carbon fiber, which as someone pointed out, would make a great beater car if….

    …you didn’t want to get your $16,000,000 Bugatti Voiture Noir dirty lol

    Last year’s show featured a rare McLaren Senna in all carbon fiber. Too common for you? How about the new, even more exclusive Can-Am version?

    Speaking of McLaren, some of their historic race cars. I love the digital display on the exterior of the last one

    Another British car with racing heritage, the Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner with a 6L W12 Twin Turbo and does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds

    One of several Ford GTs (again, new and old) at the show

    The new Shelby GT500 (I was just at the Shelby Museum / Factory in Vegas a month ago)

    Ford Mustang Bullitt

    The new “electric Mustang” the Mach-e


    Pinninfarina Battista

    So great that the Audi RS6 is finally making it to our shores…with ceramic brakes even.

    The latest Audi S8

    The new BMW M8

    BMW M2CS

    And a future glimpse of BMW, the Next Vision

    In case the purple BMW was too discreet for you, how about this Alfa?

    Also available in black

    Not as brightly coloured but equally likely to make a grand entrance, the Doge Charger Hellcat widebody Daytona

    Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

    The new mid-engine Corvette…again seems so tame compared to all of the wild options coming out. At least I really liked the interior

    The venerable Nissan GT-R

    Nissan Micra Cup

    Subaru WRX STI with subtle spoiler

    Honda Civic Type R

    I prefer the old school Acura Integra Type R…another of my all time favourites

    Toyota Supra

    I much preferred this version

    Even better, the full blown race car

    Great new colour for the Highlander

    And Sequoia

    Though when it came to SUVs, my favourite of the show was the re-released Land Rover Defender…which I much preferred in 2-door configuration

    I was going to make a “back to the Future” joke with all of these classic cars and re-releases but that would have been too lame 😉 Oh look….

    More movie cars…

    You don’t want this in your rearview mirror.

    So all in all it was a very interesting show. I am not sure that it was the best CIAS ever but I certainly cant recall such a good mix of new and classic cars with re-releases mixed in at past autoshows.

    I know that the $150 deposit I put on the Tesla Cybertruck is refundable…perhaps I can put that toward the Porsche 935…

    Win the crowd and you win your freedom

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