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Thread: Cleaning My SKS

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    Cleaning My SKS

    Going to be shooting my SKS a bit, and I started to think about the PITA of cleaning it after surplus ammo. Typically, I remove the barrel from the stock, separate the gas cylinder and piston and take out the bolt. I pour boiling water down the spout, and immerse the other parts in hot water. After I try to dry them out I run a couple of patches of ed's red down the barrel.
    I was searching around for a better way and found a Brownell's video which is pretty much what I do-does anyone have any tips or tricks?

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    There is no quick fix for cleaning when shoot corrosive ammo. I spend so much time cleaning ours but after thousands of rounds no corrosion so worth the effort.

    Great gun, tough as nails and cheap to shoot.

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    What is this SKS that you speak of??? LOL. Watch C/A on the coast of BC, they bring batch’s of non-corrosive every so often. A little more but time has to mean something also.....

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    Hot soapy water & a toothbrush. I took my sks & Mosin for a bang on New Years Eve. Was a blast.

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    I’ve got a watering can (garden variety) with a spout that fits neatly in the chamber. Fill it with the kettle and pour it through, wash all the little bits in a small Rubbermaid tub of very hot water. Push patches through barrel & gas tube, couple with solvent, couple dry, finish with oil. Scrub all tiny bits & nooks & crannies with a nylon brush, oil everything thoroughly inside and out. Check a day or two later for any sign of corrosion and address problem areas.

    I found that once I had a system down it wasn’t too bad. Guys used to do it in the field, peeing down the barrel if they didn’t have a kettle available. I keep meaning to try Windex.....(ammonia)
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    My fix was to stop shooting the SKS and get an x39 AR Upper

    Smart assery aside, there's little to nothing to rust on the AR, and it's easier to clean regardless.

    1 pro tip would be to lube it with Ballistol, then clean it with a hot water flush then Moose Milk - a mix of Ballistol and water (go buy a small jug of the distilled stuff). I forget the percentages, but google will point you to a black powder forum I'm sure - those guys love the stuff. Follow up with pure Ballistol when it's dry.

    Disambiguation - Ballistol compounds with water, meaning it will mix with and wash away with it, unlike other solvents. I don't have to explain why this is wonderful on a gun that you need to flush out with water and then re-lubricate.

    On something like a Mosin Nagant I just clean the barrel with moose milk patches, wipe the bolt down with the stuff, brush and patch as normal with pure Ballistol, or even Eds Red at that point - no hot water, no disassembly.
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    just spray the chamber with windex, use a ear plug in the muzzle end and fill, let soak, drain and oil. Beats the soviet way of pissing down the barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srdiver View Post
    just spray the chamber with windex, use a ear plug in the muzzle end and fill, let soak, drain and oil. Beats the soviet way of pissing down the barrel.
    X2 on the Windex. Works great.

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    I do the kettle on everything and oil down after. No issues so far.
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