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    OP mentioned damaged crown, if it's going to get recrowned anyway, maybe just cut it off and recrown and get a dovetail milled in

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Outlaws View Post
    No it does not just that one section. A squib is also another suspect, but would that show signs on the outside of the barrel?

    It's just about 1 3/4 inches from the crown. It's a 23 inch barrel.

    How much would a gunsmith charge me to cut, recrown and reattach the front sight?
    More than a Cooey is worth. Which isn't necessarily a reason not to do it but you need to ask yourself if that rifle is worth it to you?

    That is not the result of a 22 rimfire squib and in my 33 years of shooting I've never even heard of a 22 rimfire squib. 22 rimfire doesn't have near enough energy to damage the barrel by shooting it into the back of an obstruction. I suppose it could have been the result of some moron trying to dislodge something that was stuck in the bore by using a steel cleaning rod.

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