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    Ongoing coverage of SHOT Show 2020 (VERY pic heavy!)


    Ahhhh it is so great to be back in Vegas…and even greater to be back at SHOT Show!!! I had such an amazing time at SHOT Show 2018 that it will be hard to beat but I am confident that I can do it!

    As in the case of 2018, I have done an enormous amount of planning, even though I am more familiar with the layout. Why all the planning? Well, the main show is 690,000 square feet or 12 squares miles (the same as the base of the Grand Pyramid in Giza). It now extends to secondary venues and includes over 1,600 exhibitors on the show floor but that increases to over 2,400 if you include the Supplier Showcase and Pop-Up Preview. Access to SHOT is limited to 65,000 industry folk and 2,500 media members.

    To put the size in perspective, consider that if you spend just 10 minutes at a booth (to take pics, handle guns, wait for your turn to handle them, talk to reps, get swag etc.), you could cover 6 per hour or 48 per 8 hour shift. That means in three days you would cover roughly 150 booths. But of course, you have to factor in walking time, breaks etc. so maybe 75 is more realistic. Per SHOT Show’s fact sheet, if you wanted to visit all booths, you could only spend 22 seconds at each!

    Thankfully I have a co-author this year and collectively Tom and I plan to cover at least 100 booths. If we post just 10 pics per booth, that would result in a review with 1000 pics (our goal) that covers only 100/2400 or 4% of the show!!!! SHOT is BIG!

    In preparation for SHOT, I picked up some cool gear such as this Otte Patrol Parka…thanks to Chris Costa for providing feedback on jacket options and to Parabellum Prime for the super speedy delivery!

    I got some shirts made too…gotta look professional!

    Along with a few other things that may show up during my review.


    Despite all my planning, Mother Nature threw a bit of a curve at us with the biggest snow storm of the season. As a pre-caution, we flew out two days early to beat the storm. That is ok as we wanted to get some “Vegas time” and this gave us two extra days of that and I will be covering some of that as part of this review (we will see if I have time to make it to the Adult Video Awards lol).

    The first thing we did after arriving was to have our first Vegas meal at In-N-Out burger!

    How fitting that I was customer #1 lol.


    Today we started with lunch at Jack in the Box, my first time eating here. I had the classic buttery burger, which is essentially like an egg Chalah bun.

    Then we headed over to Boot Barn to pick up some Lucchese boots that I pre-ordered for delivery to the store. I have always wanted Lucchese cowboy boots and when I saw their new hybrid cowboy/work boot I had to pull the trigger. I love the concept! Although everyone raves about the Lucchese fit, I had never tried on a pair so was a bit worried and sure enough they were way too tight!

    So I ended up buying these Dan Post boots in rough suede.

    I also got a proper cowboy hat, a Rodeo King in “grizzly” style fur. It was an open crown

    So I had them custom form it to a Gus crown with Rodeo brim…very cool to watch that being done!

    I have to say Boot Barn has AMAZING customer service!!!

    Next we went to the Shelby Museum. I had been to their old location and compared to that, I would say their museum is smaller and more focused on older cars while the factory and store are bigger.

    We both signed the wall

    Our nice tour guide

    Lots of gear in the store including clothing, travel goods, signs, and even knives.

    I got a few things.

    Finally we went to watch the UFC bout between McGreggor and Cowboy at Tilted Kilt. It was quite surreal to watch it here knowing that the fight was going on live down the street! The crowd went bananas (I have some vids I may post later). We also ran into some guys headed to SHOT Show from OSS Suppressors, Sig, and a company that makes custom hearing protection.

    Food at the Tilted Kilt….mozzarella sticks

    Wings with Kilt Burner sauce (not very hot)

    The Celtic Knot, a giant pretzel (the best part of the meal)

    Our lovely server

    $5 shots

    ….coming soon

    Monday Industry Day at the Range
    ….coming soon
    Tuesday SHOT Show 2020 Day 1
    ….coming soon
    Wednesday SHOT Show 2020 Day 2
    ….coming soon
    Thursday SHOT Show 2020 Day 3
    ….coming soon
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    Looks like you're off to a good start.

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    Awesome man, I hear a lot of people didn't even have time to get their first shot down before the fight was all over!
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    Oh damn, looks amazing. Can't wait for the rest!

    Looks like OSS Suppressors are available from O’Dell Engineering, sweet!

    -Jamie M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL1 View Post
    $5 shots

    [photography humor]

    Very amusing.
    You have a few $5 shots, and your vision gets blurry?

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    Range day is awesome so far...shot lots of guns including suppressors and sub compacts...making my way to full auto shortly
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    Always appreciate your pictorials!

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    And am soooo jealous.
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    Monday Industry Day at the Range

    Apart from being able to take pics, one of the greatest benefits of a Media Pass is that you get to attend Industry Day at the Range and shoot everything from super compacts to full auto to suppressed with no limits on ammo.

    And the amount of ammo consumed is staggering! Consider that there are 2,500 media folks and if each one shoots 20 guns with 10 rounds each, that would be half a million rounds! I can’t remember the exact round count but from what I recall, it was even higher than that.

    Here is an aerial view of the incredibly beautiful range, courtesy of SHOT. I will have more of my own range shots below.

    Industry day was awesome! We shot a ton of guns and many exceeded our expectations. Tom and I took about 400 pics and shot lots of vids. I suspect you are anxious to see them so I will start with some of my pics and let Tom chime in with his.

    We started at the Geissele booth expecting to see some AR15s fitted with their legendary triggers…we were half right! I was not aware that Geissele soft launched their own in-house made AR15 last year and is fully launching the lineup at this year’s SHOT show. Needless to say, the triggers on them were great.

    Next, OSS suppressors…I opted for one mounted on an AK and it was one of my favourite guns of the day.

    It was great to get an explanation of the internals of the OSS suppressors. I dare say that I enjoy shooting suppressed firearms more than full auto!

    My absolute favourite of the day though was the B&T USW-A1 with its collapsible stock and platform specific Aimpoint site. It made such a difference to shoot it with the stock extended! I will definitely get one of these!

    The Alien was certainly the most unique gun of the day…it has the lowest bore axis on the market with the fixed barrel and the interchangeable slide top allows you to swap optics in a breeze (with 90% zeroing)…it can also reliably fire any load of 9mm with its piston system. It is an expensive gun for sure but a lot of thought went into the unique features.

    I was quite anxious to try the re-introduced Colt was available with 4” and 6” barrels and I opted for the longer while Tom shot both. It was nice but not something I would buy.

    Another re-release high on our “must try” list was the HK SP5…available in several configurations, Tom and I opted for the traditional profile with iron sights….so satisfying to do that HK slap lol…and it shot great!

    No surprise that the Glock booth was all about the new 44 in .22lr…now I have shot Glocks with .22 conversion kits so I kind of had an idea of what it would be like but I have to say the 44 exceeded my expectations! It was lighter than I expected while the trigger was better…I would not hesitate to buy one.

    We also ran into Glock shooter Michelle Viscusi

    I have read a lot of good things about the sub-compact Springfield Hellcat…it offers the largest mag capacity (13+1) in the smallest package. I tried variations with red-dot and iron sights and I actually shot better with the irons. I really like micro-compacts like the Glock 26 and the Hellcat felt just as good.

    It was great to meet Rob Leatham at the Springfield booth

    During the course of my research for SHOT, I came across the Rock Island Armory TCM22…a very intriguing round! It is essentially a .22 that moves at 2000 fps!

    Here are some 1911s chambered in this round

    It creates quite the fireball with no felt recoil!

    Next we visited the long range section where I was happy to meet Rob Furlong, who has EXCELLENT taste in jackets lol

    He must have given me some good luck as I hit both of my shots on target at 1090 yards out of a Cadex in 300 Norma Magnum…three times longer than I have ever shot before! That Cadex is quite something…and thanks to the Cadex team.

    Tom and I were both impressed with Ruger’s latest offerings. First, the 5.7…it is much thinner and easier to hold / control than the FN

    Next the Wrangler revolver…an aluminum (very light) frame .22 single action at a very affordable price (under $300 I believe)

    Speaking of .22s, how about those long barrels!

    More nice Rugers

    By now you must have heard of the new Kriss Vector in .22LR…it does not use the Vector recoil mitigating system, rather a more conventional design. However, with a .22 you really don’t need it as there is no recoil anyway. Also, the quad rail allows a light to be mounted on top without obstructing the sight. It costs about a 1/3rd of a centre-fire Kriss.

    Vs. the centre-fires in 9mm, 10mm, and 45acp

    Just next to Kriss at Maxim Defense I ran into Kris "Tanto" Paronto


    Range pics

    Range food

    Pizza Rock
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    Thanks for the updates! It must be a pretty hectic day doing all this and posting

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