Long story. 7 pm I put 9 lbs of lake trout in the brine of 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of brown sugar in a gallon. 7am I took the fish out of the brine and put them in front of a fan to dry and form the pedicle. 9am I put them in the smoker. It was +5 out so I thought good to go. 7 pans of chips and 8 hours later the fish still wasn't 165 degrees internal temp. It was luke warm to the touch. It is a brand new Little chief big chief smoker. There was enough smoke in the fish but it wasn't done yet. So into the gas oven to reach 165 degrees. 3 hours later it was done. So I was packaging fish at 9pm that should have been done at 5pm. The smoke house makers said I should have used the insulating blanket. No shit. I will only smoke things in the summer from now on. They do taste good though. My betterhalf and I ate a whole(lower left in pic) 1/2 fillet for lunch. Next batch will be less salt, maybe 1/2 cup. Or more fillets. Last time I smoked fish was in 1996. Time to relearn the art.
I have to get out fishing again.