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    NON-Restricted 5.56 from MacDef and BCL - SLR Coyote coming soon

    BCL COYOTE.jpg

    More non-restricted goodness... available soon.

    Black Creek Labs and Maccabee Defense Inc. have been working together to finally offer the SLR Coyote. This rifle is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56 that was created to offer the Canadian public a new, non-restricted rifle in an enduring political environment that has not classified many new non-restricted semi-automatic rifles.

    The SLR Coyote is made from a standard Maccabee SLR lower receiver, but it has been mated with a Black Creek Coyote upper receiver. The SLR mating system creates a more stable receiver platform and the Coyote dualithic upper receiver creates a true free-float rail to receiver mating system, giving the SLR Coyote the potential to be one of the most accurate 5.56 semi-automatics available today.

    We absolutely hate pre-sales, so we'll just leave this here and post when we are actually close to getting rifles to sell.

    They will be $1549.00

    5.56mm 18.6” Non-restricted

    - First 1000 rifles have special “E-2341” engravings to the upper receiver
    - Percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every e-2341 version of the rifle to both CSAAA and CCFR
    - Hard anodized aluminum in black, featuring free-float dualithic upper receiver
    - Made in Canada

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    Very tempting at 1549. It's only 500 more than a reciever set.

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