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    Shooting handicap with a field stock is a real.... ah.... er.....handicap. Your cheek is not sitting down firmly on the comb and you are relying on your cheek weld. Any movement there means your point of impact moves. You can get away with that from the 16 yard line, but at the 23 what would have been a chip becomes a miss. Add in the psychological effect of a miss that apparently had the right sight picture and you have a recipe for an ugly score.

    So how to fix this? Best way is to put an WTB add on the EE on the other site and look for a used 1100 trap stock. I’ve also seen Monte Carlo synthetic stocks in Cabelas that were for shooting scoped slug barrels, but they looked suspiciously like a trap stock to me.

    If you are going to adapt your field stock know that the comb is not parallel to the rib like a trap stock. Your solution must address this.

    One commercial product is from Meadow Industries. I think a google search will find others

    Not sure if this product will make the top of the comb parallel to the rib.

    Here’s a picture of 3 of my stocks with various solutions to the same problem


    The first stock has moleskin stuck on it to build the comb up. You should be able to buy moleskin at drug stores. I cut a short, thin piece at the back and added longer pieces as I layered it up to get the top parallel to the rib. Don’t wrap around the side. I then added a final layer to stick it all to the stock without adding a lot of width to the stock which would get my eye out of alignment side to side. Advantages, cheap and easy to remove. Ugly as sin and won’t take being out in the rain.

    Second stock has a stick on pad. This stock is already parallel, just too low. This pad is a touch too wide and doesn’t really fit me well. This is my doubles gun and I was playing with wood shims to adjust pitch. It’s a work in progress.

    The final stock has had an adjustable comb installed by Vic Tomlinson in Ontario. This took a field style stock and made it possible to raise and tip the comb to get it exactly where I want. This is the most expensive option, but the best long term. I have Vic’s contact info if you so desire

    If it were me I’d start by trying to build the stock up with moleskin. See how it feels and see how you shoot with it. If you like it, put that add on the EE. If that fails, call Vic.

    Once your stock has the correct height, its one less thing to think about during the pre shot routine. You will KNOW by the feel that the stock is correctly on your shoulder and your face, no more need to check beads for alignment. No more worrying about that alignment changing as you swing to a bird. More consistency which leads to better scores.

    Hope this helps.
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