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    Quote Originally Posted by 6MT View Post
    Lots of target shotgun loads (500+)
    Everything is relative. That number would have me running scared. Great news on the test results!
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    Great news!
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    Same here.... time on my hands.
    Started with some sorting.
    L/R .40 / 9 / 5.56 / .45 / .308

    Now I should count it

    Edit:. 808pc of .45. Including a couple hundred new Armscor.
    330 pcs .308
    1520 pcs 5.56
    2150 pcs 9mm
    900 pcs .40

    I haven't had a .40 in 12 years......and I don't reload 9mm. What's a cheap price to sell pistol brass?
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    Ooo, look at all that nice 308 brass...
    And yet, after nearly 10 years of government by Stephen Harper and his anti-choice army, you can still get an abortion in Canada. At this point, the political right’s agenda is so well hidden Sherlock Holmes couldn’t find it with a Huawei P30 powered by a trillion Watsons.

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