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    Quote Originally Posted by GTW View Post
    Just waiting for my next purchase to arrive at Rat River Outdoors and for Dan to call.
    Do I need another Browning SA22? Nope, but I liked the octagonal greyed receiver Gr II and figured it wouldn't hurt to pick one up.
    Will likely pick up a small scope for the BLR '81 as well.
    I figure if we don't support our LGS guys, we'll be SOL and at the mercy of Cabelas (who have SFA for reloading now that WSS is gone) when this is over.
    Yeah, I pick up reloading stuff at the Heights once in a while, just to try to keep them carrying it. I’d love to buy that Redding turret they keep on the shelf but my wallet doesn’t...
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    Shameless plug for our GOC sponsor, Tundra Supply. I'm personal friends with both owners and they're good guys. I bought 2 guns off them in the last few months before this crap storm hit, including one of my "bucket list" guns. If they don't have what you're after, they can probably get it. I'm sure at this point, any support they can get would be hugely helpful.
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    There are few places in BC still selling handgun ammo. Most are sold out of 9mm and 45acp. Some 45 LC still on the shelves at $50 a box of 50.
    I visited 10 stores today in Williams Lake and lots of empty shelves. 6 foot away barriers everywhere.
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    Cabela's no longer lists buckshot or slugs except rubber door knockers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stew View Post
    Cabela's no longer lists buckshot or slugs except rubber door knockers
    I just grabbed a 500 bag of wads so I can make my own buckshot. Could use another box of 0-buck projectiles but should get a couple hundred out of the supplies I have on the bench. Its GREAT being a reloader.

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    Tundra Supply, Spectre Arms are great businesses to support, and I do fully when I can. Of my top five favorite places to order from two of them are main banner GOC sponsors too. When I have something I am looking for I always try to support the small guys sponsoring GOC first, then move to other businesses I like. They support my endeavors to maintain some contact with the firearms community, so I support their endeavors to supply my hobbies.
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