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    Wrap it for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterloomike View Post
    Too young for dating or drinking, but too old for Mickey Mouse.
    Most kids waited till they were 15 to start drinking, helpful to have that one friend who failed a grade and has a drivers license.

    Wrap it, I'd love to get a wrapped gun at any age.
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    I would wrap up...but...I would 1st give him a box of wrapped ammunition to open, telling him now he is 14 a trip to the range to shoot your new gun is in order. That should give him both a twinge of happiness mixed with a tad of disappointment. Then give him his rifle to unwrap either then or at the range.

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    Wrap it. Give it to him. Then take it back. April Fools, son!

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    Thumbs up Dad, well done! No wrong way on such a awesome gift but wrap it.....

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    Alright. Some great ideas. Field stripped would have been cruel. LOL

    Wrapped it up. Nothing beats a present, especially when young.
    He was surprised and the big smile is still there.

    In his room for the last hour - Read the manual and is now researching field strip and the manual of arms. Too bad the range is closed......
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    Wrap it in $5.00 bills all taped together so that they must be torn to shreds to unwrap the rifle, it will get him used to the idea that you can have guns or money but not both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterloomike View Post
    Too young for dating or drinking, but too old for Mickey Mouse.
    Great gift! Congrats!

    Also, you can NEVER be too old for Mickey Mouse. I'll be 54 on Saturday (COVID birthday!), and I still love Mickey Mouse and everything else Disney.

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