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    I submitted mine June 26 and just checked the status today and here is what it says.

    Application Received on: 2020-06-26

    Current Status: Your application has been processed and your licence has been issued. If you have not received your licence within 2 weeks please contact the Canadian Firearms Program Toll Free number. (1-800 731-4000)

    I got to say I am relieved as i had a few minor brushes with the law and every time they mentioned it would likely have an effect on my firearms renewal. Lieing POS had me worried.

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    Got off the phone about 30 seconds ago with the RCMP call-in folks.

    Turns out the status-update page is "just fine and working well, thank you for your concern, sir".
    Except it told me my application and license were processed and issues back near the end of May.
    But according to the lady on the phone, processing took place June 30. I'm told the card should arrive within the next 2 weeks. Which puts it end of the first week of August at the outside.

    Despite my old license expiring in about a month and a half, apparently I was `unlicensed`(oh really?) between when they took my money (May 12) and when they processed the renewal (June 30).

    SMDH... let's see if it actually shows up before the end of that first week of August....

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