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    XS Sight in Hand......

    So my XS peep has arrived. My 94 450M has full buckhorn sights and for me personally, I hate them. The Waters has beautiful traditional white diamond irons but buckhorns (for me) forget it. So these, made in my adopted home away from home of Texas are here. Simple jam screw on either side for elevation & windage changes, simple is good. Front blade looks highly visible, excuse my filthy work laptop and crappy cell phone pics, my is truly a field office so I never bother cleaning em just get new when they give up the ghost......


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    I just put one on the receiver on my Winchester model 94 - 44mag. I ordered the front one with it (both in a kit) but as it turns out, the front site on a model 94 in 44 mag is soldered on, not dovetailed. My bad. LOL.
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