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Thread: Quality BBQ's

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    Quality BBQ's

    I need to buy new BBQ and I am looking for quality but it's a little hard to look at much in person right now to compare. I need a pretty large one as we have a big family, right now our existing BBQ has 5 burners on the main cooking surface and we need to stay at least that size. I refuse to buy something crappy that the lid feels like it will fall apart in a year or two, our existing unit is actually a Presidents Choice stainless that is very solid and is about 16 years old but sadly not much seems to compare to the build quality this one had. So far the only brands I've seen that seem to be somewhat solid are Weber, Broil King, and Napoleon. The Napoleon had really well built stainless burners that look like they would last a very long time but it was also about $2200 so I guess it had better be good. What brands have you used or come across that were good? Are Weber and Broil King any good any more?

    On a side note what are your preferences for the grill surface? Stainless or Cast? Most of my experience has been with a ceramic coated cast iron grilling surface and I always figured the meat didn't stick as bad as on stainless but I have to assume the stainless would live longer without starting to rust and leaving metal flakes on your steak.

    I will be getting a natural gas model if that matters.
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    I have a Weber 3 burner and find it more than adequate.

    Nothing fancy, overall quality is good, not sure how many BTU's but good for my needs. Probably 6 or 7 years old and so far never failed to light. Would buy another one.

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    Look at used commercial for that size. Or two different ones for more variety of cooking options.

    Traeger does have a following. Search here with that brand for another recent BBQ quest.

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    Weber is still the leader in quality. Broil King is up there too as long as you buy their higher end line.
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