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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_M View Post
    Yeah I remember that. So probably a Mini-14 or SKS-D, that kind of thing. Wood stock but big banana mag.
    I wondered about it being an sks after I read an article that mentioned that there was a metal ammo can found in his car after he was killed. But then it didn’t make sense that the sks wasn’t on the ban list as I can’t see the turd and B’Liar letting that opportunity slip by.
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    Found my letter in the mailbox today. I will be marking it "NOT FOR SALE", photocopying it and sending copies regularly to the RCMP, Trudeau, Blair, Freeland, Lammetti, and my Liberal MP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post

    Originally Posted by Cameron SS
    So my wife who has her PAL just got a letter in the mail from the RCMP CFP advising of the OIC and what it means.

    Looks like a standard info brochure. It warns that 9 models of firearm were banned by OiC, vagluely alludes to an amnesty, and tells people that they can't possess or use prohibited firearms outside of the amnesty.

    It then tells gun owners to wait for future government action regarding buyback or grandfathering. Which is not permitted by the amnesty and therefore the RCMP are counselling people to commit a criminal offence.

    While it does not contain the official text of the OiC or the amnesty nor does it contain links to the actual law it refers people to the RCMP website for more flawed information.

    Funny that they mail this warning but they didn't revoke registration certificates.

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    from CGN thread

    Am I confused or can you please show me where on the mailout Letter from the RCMP it says we can "Grandfather" these now OIC prohibited firearms?

    I had thought that the option to grandfather had been quietly and discreetly removed after Wendy and some other political players got upset about that original option.

    The only options now are the "buyback" or approved Deactivation and or export.
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