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    I missed the whole feature phone era. I had a basic Nokia phone around 1996 or 1997. Can’t remember the model. Don’t know if it could even text. It was an analog phone. I was in the Navy and there were strict policies about cell phones. They were only to be used ashore. So mine got cloned (unbeknownst to me at the time) when I was in Boston. My carrier realized that and reversed the $550 in charges. Soon after that I cancelled my service and didn’t get another cell phone until the Palm Pre came out in 2009. I retroactively got into the feature phone and Blackberry phones I’d missed out on around 2012 onwards.
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    I got a phone in grade 6 when my folks bought me one so they could get a hold of me when I was out biking and stuff. It was as big as a cordless home phone, and had less functionality than one. It just made and received calls. Then we got the Nokia phones, I forget if it could text, but it had MIDI ringtones, The RAZR felt like some futuristic sh*t compared to those phones. It could text, browse the web, it even had a camera!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevebc View Post
    They still make them. Here's what the wife and I bought:

    Sufficient for our purposes. The only drawback is the batteries go dead in a few days- you have to keep it charged up.
    lol days? my S7 battery life is measured in hours lol. it also has the keyboard and browser header burnt into the screen, yeah I use this thing a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    lol days? my S7 battery life is measured in hours lol. it also has the keyboard and browser header burnt into the screen, yeah I use this thing a lot.
    Well, this isn't an iPhone or anything like it, and it goes dead even when it's not in use. I barely use it at all. It's also my first and hopefully last cell phone.

    It's really just for emergencies.

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    Gallant : Canadians Face Greatest Threat To Privacy Ever

    June 2 2020
    Ottawa, Ontario
    by mass email
    from Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant

    Dear RangeBob,

    Justin Trudeau has cancelled Parliament, is confiscating private property, and is now 'strongly recommending' a potentially invasive government tracking app for our phones.

    The Canadian government claims it will offer contact tracing apps on a voluntary basis.

    That may not always be the case.

    The Emergencies Act grants the government extraordinary powers. Trudeau sought to invoke it, but was stopped by the Premiers, for now.

    In April, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, together with provincial Privacy Commissioners issued A Framework for the Government of Canada to Assess Privacy-Impactful Initiatives in Response to COVID-19.

    On May 29, during testimony at the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, the Privacy Commissioner revealed the federal government has still not consulted with his office about a contact tracing app.

    Recently, as part of regular updates, which includes security patches, Google and Apple have incorporated an Exposure Notification Application Programing Interface (API) to support COVID-19 contact tracing applications from public health authorities.

    The only safeguards in place are the measures Apple and Google claim to have taken in developing the Exposure Notification API.

    The goodwill of foreign corporations is not enough for me.

    That is why I am asking Canada’s Privacy Commissioner to review the technical specifications of the Exposure Notification API, the related policies put in place by Apple and Google on government use of the API, and the measures Apple and Google are actively taking to ensure governments are respecting our privacy.

    Trudeau said he wants to “strongly recommend” Canadians install this government application.

    Before you download the Trudeau Tracking App, or find it downloaded for you, help ensure it is safe and secure by co-signing my letter to the Privacy Commissioner at

    Cheryl Gallant, M.P.

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    I live among lots of sheeple and dim witted who like to think they are good Canadians for voting Lieberal

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