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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodiakjack View Post
    For real, brother, these are a ton of fun.

    And to be honest, you’ll be surprised how few bugs there are once you go on the offensive: While camping, we’d retreat to the dining tent but still get eaten alive by all the critters inside. But after 20-30 blasts from the bug-assalt, you realize it was the same 20-30 bugs doing all the eating, and you can once again live in peace. (Eventually, you start leaving the door cracked in the hopes a few more will come in for your “sporting pleasure”... :P
    Sounds like a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stew View Post
    I think cannons come under fireworks/Special effect pyrotechnics regulations
    Haven't they banned things like a signal cannon in Vancouver...? With the cabal of clowns we have in charge and their gong show in Ottawa, who knows for sure...?
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    if you have 110 volts,,, plug a couple of these in


    plugged one in to rid my apple trees of tree rats,,,

    side effects include no bugs,, even the crows fly around my house

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