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    Quote Originally Posted by awndray View Post
    I've been to the Stampede, in 2007 if I recall. It experience. I wouldn't go again.

    I spent so much time in Calgary for work years gone by, yet always seemed to miss Stampede. I was really looking forward to going, but I've heard enough of "mehs" that I'm starting to second-guess my choice. Was it just not an entertaining venue?
    And yet, after nearly 10 years of government by Stephen Harper and his anti-choice army, you can still get an abortion in Canada. At this point, the political right’s agenda is so well hidden Sherlock Holmes couldn’t find it with a Huawei P30 powered by a trillion Watsons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewey Cox View Post
    I was in Calgary today.
    They must be planning on grazing all that stampede livestock on the medians.
    Holy crap, it looked like they were filming the walking dead.
    Grass was headed out, you could hardly see to the other side of the road.
    Hope that means your taxes are going down...
    Likely not though the mayor has some stunning art projects that just need to be done. You know -to put Calgary on the map....
    Sure glad I don’t live in a city any more. Calgary was a nice place when I lived there in the 80’s

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    A place to see... A place to go.... Ontary-ary-ary-ohhhh
    The huge Texas State Fair is now cancelled!

    Cancellations are happening everywhere now.

    The ECHO CHAMBER is filled with High School Drop Outs who think “Instagram” is when they tell their crack dealers to hurry up and “Tik Tok” is a sound that the watch they have never owned makes.

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    that's too bad..i would like to go one day...some of the Stampede girls came to Toronto in 2016 to promote the show...i got a free official hat lol

    Win the crowd and you win your freedom

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    They still had the stampede grand over the weekend.
    I didn't go, but I did win a shotgun in the raffle.
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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