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    Dave and Adriel are joined by Toronto Officer Craig to talk about how police use shooting in classes and matches to sharpen their skills and how the OIC will affect them.
    Through education and information sharing there will be understanding

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    Excellent episode.

    I liked Craig's 1 hour chatting about how May 1 OIC impacted his professional life including redacted anecdotes, and a bit of personal life (my property, our property!), and his 'self directed questioning' about door-to-door searches for them, and your counterpoints. I'd heard elsewhere that the police are already too busy to go door-to-door, but Chris added the point about defunding-the-police which is another nail in the door-to-door seizure idea. His comments about horrible firearms seizure boxes, getting warrants, seizure paperwork copies to everyone, was also well taken.

    Chris stated (paraphrased): Police Don't shoot a 'firearm' or a 'weapon', they use a 'platform'.
    - Glock platform
    - 870 shotgun platform
    - 870 less lethal shotgun platform
    - taser platform
    - C8 (AR-15) platform

    Near 1:15:00 you talk about a rumor of PALs not being renewed (and revoked, lose all firearms) if M203 owners don't surrender them immediately for destruction. I think this unlikely.
    FRT 125680 Colt M203 shows them non-restricted in Feb 2020, so how would the CFOs know?
    As well, they're under a two-year amnesty and using your license - which they must issue if you meet the criteria - would be unlawful.
    Also, there are no new threads about M203 on CGN the past 2 weeks.

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