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    Red face B.O.B. Expiration Dates

    (Edit Note: this thread is NOT a critique of what someone puts in their emergency plan, but how to handle items sitting for long periods; so please be kind)

    I've always had a plan for a natural disaster, but with the political climate & society having protests leading to riots... well, I have been critiquing my plan.

    Which gets me to the things in a B.O.B (bug out bag) or S.I.P. (shelter in place) plan that might expire. I thought that after reading Blacksmithden's old post ( that a list of other things to watch for might help.

    Food should be fairly easy: rotation of S.I.P. fresh stuff, canned goods and so forth... B.O.B. rations getting rotated slowly out (nothing like some boiled in a bag franks and beans on the fire pit for a super on a hot summer's night with some booze) and being replaced with newer. better & preferred items.

    Batteries: of course if you have anything non-rechargeable they should be rotated out. For example, when you need new batteries for the remote put the new ones you just bought in the B.O.B. and use the ones from it.

    Medications: I will briefly quote the above post.

    Many drugs are just fine years after they 'expire,' study finds

    October 08, 2012|By Karen Kaplan | Los Angeles Times

    Chances are, your medicine cabinet contains some pills that are past their expiration date.

    These drugs were not just a few years past their prime, these medications were a full 28 to 40 years past their official expiration dates.

    The eight drugs contained a total of 15 active ingredients. The researchers couldn’t find a standard test for one of them (homatropine), so they focused their analysis on the other 14.

    Out of the 14 active ingredients, 12 were still at high enough concentration – 90% of the amount stated on the label – to qualify as having “acceptable potency,” the researchers found.

    The only active ingredients that missed that cutoff were aspirin and the stimulant amphetamine.

    They noted that the Shelf-Life Extension Program allows drugs in federal stockpiles to be retained for up to 278 months after their stated expiration date if tests show they are still potent. But some of the ingredients tested in this study remained good for 480 months – so far.
    What about other things, GOC members?

    Some of these are just "throwing it out there" as a rhetorical question more than anything.

    The snap type glow sticks? How long can they be kept in their package?

    Gas mask and other air filters? Are there some that expire? I have a mask I bought on a work program that comes with the "emergency last resort" filters that are supposed to be good for a very short period (not an oxygen substitute: I think they bind the gasses for 30-60 seconds or something) of sour gas and other stuff; as well as compatible with other more basic filters I have for dust, etc. I think they only expire if they are opened.

    Suntan lotions and DEET sprays?

    If there is anything else you can think of that should be checked, please post here.

    Thank you...
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    I keep my emergency food in a separate container and periodically rotate out the old cans/packages for camping and hunting trips. I keep the first aid kit with me on the same trips, so minor items get used and replaced. I go through it every other year and try to keep the bandages and things fresh, put the old ones in the medicine cabinet where they’ll get used up for minor ouches around the house.
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    glow sticks

    "Bulk glow sticks that are not foil wrapped (for example 22” glow necklaces and the 8” multi use bracelets) will last 12 to 18 months if they are properly stored with no discernible affect on their brightness or duration. Foil wrapped glow sticks (for example 6” light sticks and 1.5” mini sticks) will last 2 to 4 years. Glow sticks will work past these expiration times but their brightness and duration will be greatly reduced. The color Green will store longer than the other colors and the color red has the shortest shelf life."

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    i am not that concerned as most items around the house will likely last longer than I will.

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