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    Infraction System

    Name Description Points
    Cross-posting Posting the same content in multiple threads by the same user 1
    Offensive Content (Violent) The post contains content that conveys a threat or depicts an injury in a graphic manner. 1
    Offensive content (Nudity) Self explanatory 1
    Offensive content (Offsite link) The post contains a link to content considered offensive 1
    Offensive content (Personal info) The post contains an email address, phone number, street address, or other private information about another individual that has not given consent for it to be posted 1
    Offensive content (Profanity) The post contains language presumed to be considered offensive by a majority of our users 1
    Offensive content (Racism) The post contains a judgment of the intelligence, character, or appearance of a race of people, supports a position of superiority of one race over another, or contains humor or other text which would reasonably be considered offensive by a member of a given race. 1
    Offensive content (Substance abuse) The post depicts or endorses the use or abuse of mind-altering drugs or the abuse of alcohol. 1
    Offensive content (Suggestive) The post contains sexually suggestive material or offensive gestures. 1
    Over-bumping The post does not contain relevant information and was made purely to keep the poster's thread near the top of the thread listing. 1
    Personal Attack The author has attacked another user's intelligence, character, or appearance. 1
    Trolling (Group attack) The post contains an attack against the intelligence, character, or appearance of a group of users. 1
    Trolling (Obnoxious behavior) The post is designed to annoy other users, inflate the post count of the author, describe or recommend an illegal or recklessly dangerous activity, or give advice that, if followed, would cause obvious harm. 1
    Trolling (Provocation) The post contains content that is designed to elicit an emotional response from other users. 1
    Unapproved contest Running a contest, raffle or anything that could be considered one without approval of the Administrators 1
    Trolling (Widespread) Posting obnoxiously in multiple forums or threads with the intention of distracting the user-base and annoying moderators. 3
    Highly Offensive Content The posted material is considered so offensive that the user must be immediately suspended. 10
    Malicious Edit User was infracted and given the opportunity to correct their content, but instead made an empty edit or worsened the problem 1
    User Account Violation (Avatar) The user's avatar qualifies as offensive content or includes an advertisement for a non-sponsor 1
    User Account Violation (Malicious Trader Rating) The user has left a Trader Rating that is designed to unfairly damage the reputation of another user 1
    User Account Violation (Profile Field) The user's profile fields contains offensive content 1
    User Account Violation (User id) The user's id qualifies as offensive content and ask them what they wish the new name to be and change it 1
    Duplicate Accounts Immediate ban 40
    Trolling (Obnoxious Reporting) The user has abused the reporting system by repeatedly requesting moderator intervention when none is required 3
    User Trolling/Spamming Heavy Trolling or Spamming 10
    Troll or Spam Account Immediate ban 40
    Moderation Round Table Ban Any user considered to be a trouble maker can be sent to moderation vote for banning 10
    Abuse of Moderators or Admins When a user goes out of his/her way to attack a mod or admin of GOC 1
    Abuse of Dealer Without Reason Justified complaints allowed, No bandwagon bashing 1
    Please note: Moderator may make custom infractions if the issue falls outside of this guide.
    Time Points
    2 days 5 points
    7 days 10 points
    14 days 10 + further violations of any type after a 7 day ban
    1 month 10 + further violations of any type after a 14 day ban
    6 months 10 + further violations of any type after a 1 month ban
    1 year 10 + further violations of any type after a 6 month ban
    Lifetime After 1 year ban continues spamming, gross violations, etc
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