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    Yeah mine work really well for amplifying ambient sound. I don't think you're going to find a set that have speakers inside that can come close to the dB of a gunshot, let alone amplify one is what I'm saying.

    All external noise is reduced all the time, you only really hear what is produced by the speakers. Otherwise it's the same as an unpowered set.
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    I vote with cvoguy on the walker razors, they have input socket for MP3 or radio or phone. Mine are just the 2-mike set, not the 4-mike. A buddy at the range had a Savage precision .308 with a brake and I was less than 10 feet away with no problem. I felt the concussion throughout my body but me ears were OK I've got tinitus and these keep it from getting worse. Wish I had them 30 years ago, but back then e-muffs were a fortune. Now only $80 on amazon,ca. Hidyn - don't wait, they're worth it !

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    I have 4 mic Walker's, excellent outdoors, mine don't have the input but the Caldwells I use indoors do, so I can link to phone

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    Howard Leight because they are slimmer than some ear muffs and I can still get my cheek into the gun. Electronic earmuffs cut out the mics when the sound is loud - anything over 82dB's for the model I have. Some people like to use this and also foam earplugs. My brother in law found these could work as hearing aids while he is hunting since his hearing is reduced. The electronic muffs lets you talk between bangs, so it's really useful for giving/hearing instruction, etc.

    Personally I find foam ear plugs fall out every few minutes, no matter how I squish them in, twist, deform, etc.

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