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    What do you use for ear protection?

    I like the soft foam disposable earplugs the best, but when I try to put them in and out a few times they go limp, and it's like pushing a rope.
    The ribbed silicone ones go in better, but they build pressure as you push them in, and I feel like my head is going to explode.
    I'm too cheap to try a good pair of earmuffs, I have lots of cheap ones, and I prefer them for doing loud stuff at work but I find they get in my way when I'm shooting.
    I see lots of guys with those big fat custom mounded earplugs, but I'm not sure where I'd even go to get those done these days.
    What are you guys doing for your ears?
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    I love the disposable ones too. Because :

    1. They don't keep germs in your ears because they are refreshed periodically.
    2. When I use my cheeks to clamp my rifle down it doesn't get in the way. I hate it when I knock my earmuffs on the stock of the rifle. Sounds annoying.
    3. They're cheap & I don't have to worry about misplacing them.

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    45 casings?

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    Absolutely love em......


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2012Cvoguy View Post
    Same. I have the carbon-fibre patterned ones...excellent for having a conversation on at the range yet still provides protection if someone touches one off. They work very well.
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    I am a simple man, I use the ones below.
    I have a pair of cheap electronic ear muffs(walkers single mic?) but they're not comfortable and don't work well enough to warrant the discomfort.
    I'd like to try the Peltor Combat Arms Earplugs, they have a little rocker to switch modes, which are mechanical not electronic.

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    I usually wear a set of Howard Leight Impact Sport ($52 at the time). Can't complain. If the cups wear out or crack, replace them with silicone ones. They're worth it.

    When it's really hot out and I don't feel like sweating my ears off, or if I'm wearing a toque and muffs just don't provide a good seal, then I wear Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders ($13 at the time).

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    I use Caldwell active for indoors and Walker"s Alpha 360 outdoors, very fast reset, can usually hear the gong, horrible indoors, it almost amplifies the after shot reverb, Caldwell's are inexpensive but fine for being able to talk in the range, have a Beretta Prevail passive set my oldest got me because she thought they looked cool, I had custom molded ones for a while,they worked a treat but someone else paid for them, at the time they were more than I was willing to pay

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