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    So now you need to tell "what gun and barrel twist rate". What your intended purpse the ammo is for. Target shooting or hunting. I probably have 25 different 308 cal bullets for different purposes. From 150 grain up to 210 grain.
    Powder is 2 types, Varget and IMR4064.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suputin View Post
    Depends, what do you want to do with it?

    One of my favourite combinations that works really well in my Savage Precision Carbine is a 125gr Nosler Ballistic Tip over Varget powder. Shoots 5/8" groups all day and is good out to 700yds with minimal recoil.
    Thanks, I might try that combo. It'll just be target shooting and trying to see how precise I can get with the tools at hand (cheap rifle, cheap scope). I'm also trying not to spend as much per round as factory. My current reloads are at near $0.56/round as I bought cheap bullets and found some cheap powder. I don't like the bullets though (FP don't feed well through my mag), so the search continues for a relatively cheap yet accurate combo.

    Edit, gun is a Howa 1500 with a heavy barrel so I guess that is a 1 in 10 twist rate. Use will be just target shooting.

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