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    If you spent $1000 on memberships like one of your posts indicated you actually paid $33 to $50 per pound for lead. More if you factor in gas to/from the range.
    Lead is a biproduct of brass farming.

    I think I picked up about 400-500lbs of brass last year.

    I'm seeing brass at about $3/lbs, so I'm at $1200-$1500 for the brass with $33-$50 of lead.

    I think of brass farming as exercise, so I try to shoot 1-2 hours and pick up brass for 1-2 hours, so I think it's a good value.

    It's better than a gym membership.

    It's really easy to pick up the lead though. Shovel + empty bucket of kitty litter and I get 2-5 lbs of lead at the end of a good day, shooting and picking up brass.

    I also salvage plastic pistol round trays I use to sort, dry, and organize my .223, .45 and .308 reloads.
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